Whether its student life or the professional one, the process of learning never stops. However, student life learning differs from professional learning and same approach cannot be used for both ones. As students, people chill around all year and study hard the night before exams and still manage to pass the exam successfully. But this is not the case with professional level exams. These exams test concepts, knowledge, and expertise in certain areas and fields and one cannot attempt to pass such exams without through learning and practice. Failure rates on certification exams can be as high as fifty percent. Certification exams are not like high school exams. They are not basic level tests validating fundamental knowledge that everyone above the eighteen years of age is expected to have. These are professional level certification exams whose objective are to select potential individuals from the crowd, so passing the exams is not easy as majority of people think.

Reasons why youth fails poorly in I.T exams

Almost 50% of the youth fail professional certification exams and one wonders why? Let’s look into the reasons responsible for the failure


1. Over Self-confidence

The youth of today is unable to differentiate between regular and professional IT certification exams. The certification exams test a person’s knowledge and comprehension in a certain field and these exams are really strict in scoring. Such exams require thorough understanding of the technology and products involved and mere rote learning can never be enough. Many people tend to pass the theoretical exam, but fail the practical one because they do not know anything about the concept and working mechanism of the technology

2. Preparation via Inappropriate Sources

The majority of the candidates registered for any professional IT exams tends to get inspired by many online training providers who claim to offer par excellence exam resources but that’s not actually true. Many websites sell poor quality irrelevant guides and books containing inappropriate information. A lot of money and time is wasted over such resources that are why candidates must always prepare according to the guidelines stated by the exam vendor. But, where a lot of websites are providing useless training materials, there is also test-module.com which offers the best IT exam preparation material.

3. Sticking to one Learning Approach

Many youngsters fail an exam and fail again the next time. What might be the reason? The same learning approach that resulted in failure in the first place is responsible for the failure again. It is normal to fail the exam at the very first attempt, but after the failure one has to take note of the mistakes made in the first attempt and tries different books, resources, and should plan a new learning approach to study effectively. Sticking to the same learning technique often results in failure.

4. Late Preparation

Many people begin preparing for the certification exams, 2 to 3 weeks prior the exam date. This is the biggest reason behind the failure in most cases. Professional certification exams require at least 3 to 4 months training and preparation as one need to grasp the concepts and working mechanism of the technology. Practice is required and learning overnight would be of no help.

5. Faulty Time Management

Certification exams are spanned over a specific time and one needs to manage time to attempt all the questions. Youngsters often spend too much time over a question or sometimes attempt exam in a hurry that leads towards failure. One has to carefully read the question without spending too much or too little time, so that chances of incorrect responses re minimized.