Writing an article is essential for online marketing, especial for a tourism company. If you handle a tourism website, making plans for the product and brand promotion with the help of the internet can contribute to your online sales. Because the travel article is important for your online marketing campaign, the structure of article appears to be especially important.


A good travel article must have an attractive title: The title of an article will first come into visitor’s sight whether they click it or not. For example, if someone won million dollars, many people would think it very interesting and they would click it.  Like this article: IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS TO SPEND ON TRAVELING, WHERE WOULD YOU GO?  Looks like very attractive. Certainly, your title must not off the point, just try to concentrate the most important and attractive part of the article.

A good travel article must be high quality and valuably: If the title makes the reader clicks so the content will make them remain and return. It including two meanings, one is to make sure your content clear, concise and well written. The other one is your content should deliver value to your reader, your reader can find some useful information from your writing. For example, Camperman Australia often writing article regarding campervan hire brisbane, they wrote an article Top 4 Things You Must Do In Brisbane. If a visitor come to their website he may intend to find some information like what I can do in Brisbane, when he sees this post and clicks it, he will find out the answer. Then he may think this post useful and continues to visit more, so you get plenty of opportunities to let them visit your business.

A good travel article should suit for your business and reader: We all know we are writing travel article, but the article must be suitable for your reader, because there are many businesses regarding about tourism. If you are a car hire business, try to write some articles about long-distance travel guide, because your reader must be interested in road trip, so long-distance travel guide should be suitable for them.

Lastly, put as many pictures in your article as you can. Pictures can make your article more graphically, as a travel article, picture consider to be an attractive item for reader.

All in all, when you write a travel article always to make sure your reader can find it helpful, so write for your reader and not only write for your business.

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