An operating system from Google is called Android. It was made from the Linux Kernel, and they later on started developing it from Google. Android’s operating system is designed for any touch and smartphone. Not only is it used in smart phones it is also being used in tablets, watches, cars, android mini tv and mini PC. It was on a high run in 2013, in 2013 all the other operating systems were down, and the only operating system that was doing great was the Android. All the other operating systems like Mac, iOS and Windows were falling down as the Android system was rising.

The best thing about the Android is the google play store where there are many applications, and these applications have been downloaded to a huge extend. By 2013, there were nearly one million applications in the google play store, and there was around more than 50 billion application download.

Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Andy Rubin and Chris White founded android in October 2003. They first went to make an operating system of the digital camera but then after seeing the condition of the market, and they realized that  it was not going to work that great hence they started working on the operating system for the cell phone. Once the system was ready they started using it for different mobile phone, and that was the era of blackberry and iPhones and during that time they came up with Android system. And that’s when android came into existence. After few years of it being released somewhere around 2010 HTC collaborated with Google and came up with a Google phone, and that was the NEXUS. NEXUS was not only in cellphones but also in tablets, google since then has updated all the device and other tablets.

Development has been done since 2003 in all these versions of android, and they are as follows-

Android Alpha                                 Honeycomb

Android Beta                                   Ice Cream Sandwich

Cupcake                                            Jelly Bean

Doughnut                                         Kit Kat



But even after having these versions, it has a very slow updating. It comes after months from its release dates. And this happens because of the hardware. As there is hardware variation, it is important to design the hardware very well. That’s what happens better in iOS and Windows. So older the device and longer the time it takes to be updated.

And once there is an updating is done the phone starts working according to the new version. One of the best parts about the Android is that it is an open system by this it means that one can modify and make changes and develop the device and add extra and better features to it. It is done by the Android developers. These developers take a lot of time, energy and patience out and make development and modifications and then after being tested it Is put into action. New and unique devices like Android Mini tv is one of the newest and nicest development. It is a small smart tv that has an amazing system in it and has great features in it.