Integration of Home Automation Devices with Wireless Security Systems

Security systems are no more a luxurious item; instead it has become an absolute necessity. The increasing crime rate has instilled in people the feeling of fear and being safe. So to secure them from the criminal activities like burglary, rape, homicide, etc. people have started feeling the need of installing security systems in their house. These systems hope to keep your valuable possessions, family and home safe.

Technology advancement has allowed the development of various home security systemsand automation systems. It is widely used in homes for more protection. Where an automation system allows convenience and easiness, a security system protects it from intruders. The advance technology has enabled the integration of the automation systems and security systems for more benefits.

Home Automation System

Home Automation Systems consist of three important parts. These parts are a structure wiring, connection centre and a microprocessor working as a computer. The structured wiring is connected to the connection centre installed with the microprocessors. The work of plugging these parts together is handled by a trained professional. The function of the microprocessor is to control the whole automation system by communicating with the security systems set up in your house. These commands sent through the microprocessor are translated in a language understood by the systems.

Home security equipments

There are many security systems installed in your home that has voice recognition programs inbuilt in it. This program allows you to enable or disable the security systems of your home making more secure. The program matches your pre-recorded deactivation cipher with your voice and if matched, uninstalls or deactivates the alarm systems of the security devices. However, this program can be misused or deactivated by the trespassers. This problem gave rise to the wireless security systems. These wireless systems is installed in your house without any wires or cords jumbled up in a corner which makes it difficult rather impossible for the intruders to decipher.

Combining the home automation and security systems for additional benefit

Integration of wireless security systems with the automation systems need transmitters, wireless control panels and receivers to commune with you. The wireless control panel is required to be secured by a username and a password which will allow you to activate or deactivate the security systems installed in your house. These security systems can also be integrated with cameras that are easy to access online. Accessing the camera online gives you the convenience of operating your security equipments and home through a secure website from any location.

Though these highly advanced and sophisticated home security systems are expensive but they guarantee the safety of your residence, valuable possessions and your family. It is never enough when it comes to the safety of your family and so installing these systems can prove to be beneficial. Integrated wireless security systems and automation systems in your house can allow you to make it safer from the burglars and intruders trying to enter your home.