In this time and age when everyone is connected, information is gold. With the available technologies, cyber criminals are also on the prowl to hack and snatch information from governments, businesses, experts, and even ordinary people. Protection, such as IP filtering and IP blocking, is crucial.


With the Internet, a few clicks of the button and one can connect to a server on the other side of the globe. This means that threats to systems may come from any point of the globe.

If you are an established brand, you need to protect the secrets of your trade. This includes your patents and even information about your most valued personnel.

You can do this by installing in-line appliances that will implement IP filtering and IP blocking in order to keep suspected traffic from different regions or countries. These devices will allow you to block a specific IP or even traffic from specific countries. They give you control to do business with people you want to do business with and closed your doors on cyber criminals who aim to do damage to a brand you have worked hard for to build.

Why Businesses Need IP Filtering and IP Blocking

Protect Consumers

Being connected has allowed us to transact online using our credit cards and other online payment systems. If you are a brand that has an online presence and an e-commerce store, most likely, the bad guys have been watching you closely.

Cybercriminals know what businesses are doing well and spy on you in order to see what they can get from you. While you implement security measures to protect your business, it must also be your top priority to protect the life and blood of your business — your customers.

Customer data is very valuable to cyber criminals. Imagine if you have half a million customers and if the bad guys hack your system and loot credit card information. It will be a nightmare for your customers and of course a nightmare for your business as it will be your liability for not implementing enough countermeasures.

Avoiding Headaches

It might be a cliche but truly, prevention is better than cure. Having IP blocking and IP filtering appliances may help in warding off criminals. Using these measures, you can block ranges of IP by clicking a dot on the map, spare your business from malware, botnets, and Trojans that can spell disaster.

Remember, that a good IT infrastructure and protection is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. Neglect such an idea and cybercriminals will be laughing at you, going in and out of your systems without any hassle. You work hard and they can take it all away in one snap.

Customers who will feel betrayed by your brand, will not just let it go but instead file lawsuits on top of lawsuits to get back what belongs to them and to make you pay for all the stress and aggravation they have gone through.

IP filtering and IP blocking can be the best friends of businesses. A good gift to your own brand, as well as to your loyal customers.

Bandura Systems is a go to brand when it comes to IP filtering and IP blocking. Whether you want to control your traffic or block potential threats you can count on our products and services to satisfy your needs.