Do you have a website for your business or company that you work in? Do you wish to look for more opportunities that will help you to grow and expand – both personally and professionally? Well, this is quite possible with your business or professional website. The easiest route to having instant fame and making your presence felt on the global platform is by developing your website in a search engine optimized way. Turn your website into a search friendly one and watch the game.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of hampering or making a website or a web page visible when a user searches for results using certain keywords on the search engine. Basically it is the process of airing a good rank or a higher ranking in search engine index. Normally SEO targets various kinds of searches like local search, video search, image search, industry –specific vertical search engines, etc. Based on the tactics and techniques used in SEO; it is broadly divided into two categories popularly known as the Black Hat SEO and the White Hat SEO.

While the both the SEOs focus on increasing the visibility of a UR on a search engine’s index; the methods used may be approved or disapproved by the search engines.

Black Hat SEO in brief

The Black Hat search engine optimization technique is the use of certain disapproved Search Engine Optimization strategies, tactics and techniques to increase the ranking of a website in search engine optimization. It targets and focuses on acquiring a high search engine ranking rather than concentrating on its target visitors. Keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, etc are some of the examples of black hat SEO techniques.

The black hat seo techniques are often used for gaining quick financial returns on websites unlike long term investment on websites. Thus black hat SEO techniques basically focus on quick high return business models. Literally the term Black Hat is derived or adapted from western movies where the villain or the bad guy is often found wearing a black hat while the good guy wears the white hat.

An example of the Black Hat search engine optimization technique is the use of Door way pages. Doorway pages are basically created for the sole purpose of spamdexing. The spamdexing is also known as a search engine poisoning, search engine spam or simply Black Hat SEO or web spam. This is the intentional manipulation of search engine indexes. This helps you to spam the index of a search engine by simply inserting the results for certain phrases that would ultimately send the visitor to a different site. Doorway pages are also called as bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, etc.

Black Hat community; an aid to Back Hat SEOs

Black Hat community is a complex term, which may refer to the tools and strategies designed and provided by the black hat experts that makes the job of any Black Hat search engine optimization easier. They have their own set of Forums where one can get registered to become a member and interact with other Black Hat search engine optimizations and the aces.

The Black Hat community may also refer to a community focusing on internet security issues or designing and creating tools aiding in providing ideal internet security. Such Black Hat communities often host Computer Security Conferences or conventions especially for people who are involved in computer security. Boot camps that offer training and certification courses on information technology; presentations from experts about topics like lock picking, hacking tools, penetration testing, etc., are also activities conducted at such conferences.