When you drive your vehicle, you want to be very comfortable and want to make sure you have everything working properly. Aside from the infotainment system, you want to make sure that your car AC is in tip top condition.This can only be done if you know how AC works and knowing the basics of Auto Air Conditioning Parts will take you a long way.

Car air conditioning systems started appearing in the 1940s and today it is a vital feature of the car amid worsening environmental conditions. Below are some of the most vital parts of your automotive AC:


The compressor is the heart of the system and is the most important among auto air conditioning parts. It is linked to the engine of your vehicle via a belt that turns and helps transferring refrigerant gas. A compressor works as a pump that has an intake and a discharge side.

The intake portion of the compressor draws refrigerant from the evaporator or via the accumulator for some vehicles. The refrigerant is then moved to the condenser where heat from the interior of the vehicle is transferred.

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If you find a car AC part that looks very similar to its radiator, then that’s the condenser. It basically has the same function as the radiator as it helps with heat dissipation. What’s important with condensers is optimal air flow. Usually you will find it near the radiator but may also be placed where it can take advantage of the cooling fans of the engine.


If the condenser is the heat dissipating auto air conditioning part, your evaporator is the one responsible for heat absorption. It’s primary function is to remove the heat inside the vehicle and to dehumidify. Moisture, pollen, and dust collected usually drips to the outside as water.

Pressure regulators

As the temperature of the evaporator is critical, there are pressure regulating devices that controls the pressure and flow of the refrigerant

Orifice Tube. This is among the most commonly used pressure regulating devices in cars. It is linked to the evaporator’s inlet tube or somewhere between the evaporator’s inlet and the condenser’s outlet.

Thermal expansion valve. The TXV is another commonly used regulator on imported or aftermarket air conditioning systems. Thermal expansion valves are very efficient in sensing pressure and temperature and is very effective in regulating the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator.

While you might not be a car expert, it will be best if you know some of the basics about your car, such as diagnosing issues with the car AC. This will help you save some money on shopping for replacement parts and eventually on repair costs.

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