Can buying Instagram followers really help your online marketing?

Can buying Instagram followers really help your online marketing?

Should you buy Instagram followers? Can it really help your online marketing efforts? This is a very controversial subject that many social media marketing experts hate with a deep passion. But the facts are here: the general public and many businesses like to purchase followers on Instagram because it instantly make them look more popular and established. It also increases their brand image. And even if millions of people know that you can cheat your numbers by buying Instagram followers, There are billions of people out there that have no clue that this is possible, so the effect of having a large amount of followers is good at first sight. Let’s look at the pros and cons of purchasing followers on Instagram for the different industries below.

Artists, Models & Musicians buying fans on Instagram

Many artists love to buy followers to quickly look more credible and not look like ‘wannabes’. They also like it because it’s pretty much the only form of marketing that they can afford; many websites offer Instagram followers for sale for only $20 or even less. It is a very cheap price and also very attractive. But beware that buying folllowers can lead to many problems. For example, you are a local music band and want to buy 1000 followers on Instagram to look more ‘cool’. So you go ahead, spend $20 and wake up the next morning with 18 000 followers! Yes, many companies over-deliver the followers as it is very hard to deliver them precisely. Now all your friends will know that jumping from 500 fans to 18 000 suddenly is obviously fake, and you can lose your hardly earned fans over this and they will see you as not truthful or dishonest.

Politicians purchasing Instagram followers

Many politicians have been accused of buying followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and when the medias exposed them during their political campaign prior to elections, it had a major negative effect on their likability and amount of votes. People want to believe that politicians are honest and truthful, and buying followers is misleading and many people consider it as cheating. If politicians cheat their numbers on Facebook, Twitter and lie about their popularity on Instagram, why wouldn’t they cheat and lie about more important political things if they are being elected? Politicians should refrain from buying followers at all cost!

Small businesses buying followers

Now the small businesses are probably the group which will benefit the most from cheating their numbers. Not many people will publicly ‘like’ or ‘follow’ for example a kebad shop… nothing really exciting to share or talk about here. So buying fans and followers really can make them more established and influence their potential customers’ decision to buy or not buy from them. It will definitely increase conversion rates and probably also will not cause any negative effect. Most businesses buy Facebook likes but many now also use similar services to boost their numbers on Instagram.

To conclude, buying followers can be either helpful for your online marketing or cause a total disaster depending on which industry you do business in. If you are unsure if you should buy them or not, please make sure to do a lot of research on Google and also consult your marketing manager before making any decisions.