Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is the 6th most populated state on India. Fondly referred to as ‘Detroit of India‘ and ‘Gateway to South India‘, Chennai is a home to several big industries including the automobile industry and is a hub for cultural, commercial, economic and educational institutions.

If you are planning on moving to Chennai, make sure you know a bit of Tamil, as its the native language of the city and shall help you converse efficiently with the people staying there. Neither conversing nor finding an apartment for Sale in Chennai shall pose an issue, since you just have to look into the right places and the right time.

In Chennai, the best places to reside in our – T.Nagar as it are very close markets and are very green. Other places include Porur, Ramavaram, Alwarthirunagar, Valasaravakkam on Arctot road. These areas are popular because they very well connected, are equipped with basic amenities and are very close to the Information Technology Industries.

Most residential areas in Chennai are highly decent and safe and are very well equipped with all the basic amenities one requires to survive. But before selecting an apartment for sale in Chennai, you must look into necessities such as water supply and its timings, also the quality of water especially in the summers. Since some places, though decent are supplied with bad quality water also there are certain areas like Kilpauk that breeding grounds for mosquitos.

How can help you get your dream home in Chennai

Other areas up north such as Stanley is in Royapuram, are very well connected by electric trains to the rest of the city, which makes commuting highly convenient.

There are several websites available on the internet that can help you find your dream house with the help of a click! One such efficient website is Which is loaded with a wide variety of flats, houses and apartments for sale anywhere in India? One is just needed to fill in a certain details such as, the location, minimum and maximum rent or price etc. of the house you are looking for and your dream house is just a click away!

You can easily type in your requirements and you will a long list comprising of apartments for Sale in Chennai. The website is a great help to people who prefer not to hire a broker and brokerage.

Apart from the website, if you really want to know if there are any apartments for sale in the city of Chennai, then there are a few locations listed below, that may be of some help-

The 3BHK Apartments located in Thiruporur, situated at Sare Crescent ParC Dewy Terraces, Pallavaram at Alliance Galleria, OMR road situated at Mantri Synergy 2, Thandalam at Vijay Shanthi Apartment and many more.

2BHK Apartments available in Ambattur situated at Rajtilak Apartments, Mangadu at Residential Apartment and many more.

While searching for property for sale in Chennai, make sure that you are located conveniently near your work places and also if you are shifting with your family then looking for some place near good schools is a must.

The city of Chennai is a good place to reside, as it is full of places that one can’t relate to, from industries to pubs to all kinds of entertainment areas. Chennai is a beautiful melange of modern culture woven intricately with traditions. Apart from the culture and the beautiful residential areas, Chennai offers foodies with all kinds of mouth-watering South Indian cuisines!