The year has almost ended, so it’s time to prepare for the next one. For online marketers and service providers, staying in trend with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important, in order to keep their positions in search engines, or even improve them, in the next year.

Here are a few tips that have the potential to make you rank higher in 2015.

1. Secure websites

Having a secure website – accessible through HTTPS, a secure connection – will be considered a ranking signal by Google. Although it’s not officially a ranking factor yet, HTTPS seems to improve websites’ position in Google’s ranking already. So, be secure, and stay ahead your competition.

2. Optimize for mobile

SEO Predictions for 2015

Desktop traffic has been surpassed by the one generated by mobile users already in several niches, and it is expected to grow even more next year. By the end of 2015 mobile traffic is expected to surpass desktop organic traffic altogether, in every category. Optimizing websites for mobile and building them to be responsive – behaving well on all screen sizes and devices – is a very important thing to do in 2015.

3. Social media

Although Google has an interesting policy toward its competitors (Google Plus versus Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) for promoting its own social network, this will most likely change in the near future, maybe even next year. Keeping social media as one of your main marketing channels is a good idea in 2015, and can also increase your customers’ awareness and dedication.

4. Only Great content can be King

Keeping your content unique, fresh, and stuffed with the right keyboards is not enough any more to keep you on the first page of the search engine results. Today your content needs to be great, good enough for others – possibly leading content providers like the Huffington Post – to pick it up and give you a link. Keeping your content well marketed and great can easily get you such a link.

5. Artificial link building will be penalized

Back in the day the easiest way to gather inbound links was to use a service – and its likes – or a student to register your URL in a series of web directories. In the years that have passed ever since Google has become better and better at the detection of such “artificial link building” methods, penalizing anyone using them. Instead of link building, try building relationships with authors, bloggers and influencers in your niche. Don’t try to get them link you – provide services that they will want to link, because that’s the best link you can get.

6. Keep your website error-free

Having a website that works perfectly offers customers a good experience, and so does to Google’s crawler. Having unexpected 404 pages appear out of nowhere upsets them both, though – a thing you want to avoid. Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to detect such pages, and fix all errors as soon as possible, so you will get the best reach and the most conversions possible.

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