The news not only acknowledges the social, political, economic scenario but also scrutinizes the overall structure of the society for the cause of improvement and spreading awareness.

India, in the second decade of the new millennium, is surely an important part of the news every day. Whether as a rising economic powerhouse, or as a nation with millions below the poverty line, no matter which perspective is shown, it always remains in news.

The news industry has been experiencing its own meteoric transformation with the digitized world attempting to converge the world even more every day. News today is playing its role in taking India across borders every minute with latest news via online media. All the important events happening in our nation are covered with a higher intensity on the internet. It is more impactful online because of the use of images and videos along with the textual explanations.

Among the important events which are covered by journalists, election is primarily the most important event for any nation and so it is vastly covered by news channels on TV, radio as well as internet. These are covered in detail from the times the nominations in the political parties are submitted to the time the election results are disclosed. In fact, even after the government forms, the politics is seriously followed in detail. This helps the common man to understand how well or badly the country is being run and then create their impressions and gradually the perspectives mature to lead different discussion. This boosts the democratic rights of the citizens of the country and are helps them in gaining an insight of the political situation.

The news is a versatile area of work and covers all the spheres of the society. The other important aspect of society that news covers in India is sports and specifically cricket at both national as well as international level. Be it Kapil Dev, Saurav Ganguly, or the new generation players like Dhoni, Raina and Sanju Samson, every player’s performance can be discussed and analyzed on the news websites. This is because cricket is a rage in India and public wants to follow it to the core. So, it has been observed that the internet traffic is maximum on news websites at the time of matches as well as elections.

Since it is the only medium which articulates the nation’s reality to the millions, internet journalism is growing by the day and this growth can be partially credited to the newscasters who work hard along with news journalists in reporting the facts for public scrutiny. They travel across states often to other countries as well to find meaningful information to be reported as news items. It is believed that this is the best form of media for publishing news as no one can miss any important news-update as it is accessible all the time. Plus it is economical and instant so almost everybody can afford to use internet and it can now also be accessed in smartphone.  Hence, we can say that it is a blessing for the society as a whole.