You all know that quality control is a must in the manufacturing industry – be it automotive, food, apparel, toys, medical supplies, housing material or home decorations. We often get news about the recalls and recalls affect adversely to our business. Recalls means loss of time, money, and bad name for company especially if it is a major recall or recalls that happen often.

What went wrong?

You must be wondering that you did everything right – all audits were conducted and the rules and guideline were set properly for the production, than during production what went so drastically wrong. Well sometimes to save some money the manufacturing units subcontract the production to another manufacturing unit. This new subcontracted unit is not audited. You are the buyer of the goods that are being produced, but you are not made aware of this new change. Subcontracted facility doesn’t conform to all the rules and guidelines that you wanted in your production unit. You cannot do anything until and unless you are informed about it or you find about it on your own. And how can you find? You don’t live there, the workers do not know for whom they are producing, they don’t know what the specification was, and they don’t speak your language and are scared from the owner. This is where Asia quality control can help you out.  Asia quality control firms can help you set the plan so that you can be assured that the manufacturing units will follow the plan laid out for quality control of the production and goods are produced defect free.

Myth or fact – Asia quality control is only for high profile business:

Well even if you are making a purchase order for dollar store customers, you can expect to have shipment of wrong product, broken article due to poor packaging, products that are held by customs due to non-conformity with importing rules. If anything like this happen, your business will be affected negatively and you may be in deep debts. Even if the product is for only a dollar the customer buying it will not accept a defective item. An item that cannot perform the function it has been created for.

For example what if you ordered some china cups and it breaks/leaks as soon as someone puts hot tea in it.  If it was for only one or two piece it is different situation, but what if the whole batches of cups that have been produced are like that? No one will buy that product and you will have the loss.

The above scenario clearly shows that no matter what kind of manufacturing order you have placed Asia quality control is a must. Otherwise it is hard for you to thrive in competitive market.