HTML_0HTML5, the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language, opens up a world of opportunities in website designing allowing designers to explore new trends and possibilities. However, a lot of website developers are still skeptical about using the language because they feel that HTML5 is an interesting concept that’s far from practical. This of course is not true. The following article advocates why HTML5 should be adopted and exploited right away without a speck of doubt.

If you’re not using HTML5 in creating your websites then you certainly have strong reasons for not using it. While a lot of designers have adopted the upgraded versions of the older HTML, some continue to be hesitant about its effectiveness. Adding to what many other advocates of the HTML5 have stated, here are 5 compelling reasons that designers should adopt the coding right away.

As for the designers who are already using the language, the following article may inspire them to share the benefits of the language to their work community.

Compelling Features of HTML 5

  • Built-in Audio/ Video Playback – Earlier versions of HTML required resorting to a variety of third party programs for playing audio and video files, for example, Silverlight, Quicktime, Adobe Flash Player etc. However, this HTML version has taken care of that putting the otherwise messy, archaic approach of playing web-media to rest. It offers for multiple file types to help browsers choose the type that is supported by their framework.
  • Clean Code – Making even the most basic of changes in earlier versions of HTML code was a nightmare. This was mostly due to the complex coding. However, HTML5 has addressed this issue as well, offering a cleaner and simpler code that’s beneficial for both search engines to read as well as developers to code. Goes without saying that if search engines are able to easily read the code, it translates to higher search rankings.
  • Offline Cache – The new version of HTML also allows users the one-of-a-kind advantage of being able to access the core components of a website even if they are offline, having said they’ve logged on to the website earlier.
  • Browser compatibility – HTML5 allows for compatibility across multiple browsers including Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Even of the browser doesn’t support all the new elements in the HTML5 created website; it will at least be able to read the doc type.

Possibly, the most compelling reason out of all of the above is that HTML allows for cleaner code. It’s like music to the ears for a developer because coding can get real complicated and time consuming. However, your reasons for using the language may be totally different.

So let us know what your reason to use HTML 5 is or if you haven’t tried your hands of it, it’s high time you upgraded to the future of website designing. Let us know your thoughts and opinions with us.

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