Joseph Tramontana is a business administrator, Education Department in U.S. He was graduated in Business Administration (Human Resources Management and Services) and done Master’s Degree from Rowan University in U.S. He has also holds permanent certificates. He has served in Hamilton Township in School District since 2005. He has worked as Director of Human Resources. He has held many posts in the local government as well as in other firms. His contribution towards education and financial aspects are well accepted and very famous and attracted all age group people. He is possessing wide knowledge in various fields and he has created several norms in each field which was well recognized by the Government as well.

He is the true example of having very good knowledge in the fields and he proved that an individual can attract and help the Government for the formation of policies. He is the master in cost cutting method, and increasing revenue. He has showed that reducing injuries and related costs will be about $ 1 million, which is phenomenal. He has also introduced zero waste recycling programs and cut the expenses ruthlessly up to 30%. His working is so aggressive and will bring the results in an outstanding way.  Others will definitely learn from his working.  He functioned in the areas or departments are Purchasing and accounting, planning for financial budgeting, forecasting and administration, food services and technology, direct supervision of transportation, facilities planning, insurance and risk management. These are the key functioning done by him. In every department, he has set the record for bringing new policy and he has paved the way for several cost cutting methods and saved millions of dollars for each department he has serviced.

Age and Experience matters

He has got 21 years experience since 1993, and he has served in various levels and as Director he has served 16 years in three different schools. He spends most of his timing for reading books, material and taking notes and use the same to the students and public to a large extent. He has shown interest in the fields of Grilling Politics, Education, Marketing, Technology, Blogging, exercising and reading. He has developed his own web site and he is using the web site for general public teaching school finance. This task is very difficult one and he is doing the same for the public. He is education general public about the basic elements of school finance. The public also got encouragement and actively participating in the process of getting knowledge about school finance. He is also very open for any important issue and resolving. Through web site he is defining major revenue resources and expenses. It should be the basic understanding for the public. Then, the discussion will happen on how to increase revenue and reduce expenses. This will be held on a weekly basis, and he creates very useful awareness in this segment. The simple idea is handling the finance in an intelligent way. If this is done very carefully, then, the way will emerge for reducing the expenses.  Mr. Joseph Tramontana is exploring the key areas every week in the areas of critical issues affecting modern education, curriculum, special education, education foundations, and technology. After his so long experience, he is now working as consultant in a private firm where he is undertaken his specialized subjects of public finance and budgeting.

Though his sayings are followed in a large way, and taken seriously how to minimize the expenses and to increase the revenue, there are critics also available to comment about his sayings. These critics are contributes less than 1% of voting. Hence, we can ignore these but take the valuable points for future correction.