When one thinks of property agents, one thinks of people who are in the property business only for money and have never have had any professional training to deal with customers. In short, property agents are considered to be unprofessional.


In the beginning when the property business was in its nascent stage, that might have been the case. It is a well known fact that real estate business in the beginning was more of a muscle business than a professional one. The brokers therefore were hardly customer oriented and not the most educated. There was no way to verify the validity of property agents who were just middlemen from nowhere. Even though the situation is changing now, that earlier impression has long since sowed seeds of doubts in consumers’ minds about the reliability of property agents.


The evolution of the realty sector and recent developments in the property market have now paved the way for a professional approach towards buyer assistance. Many big builders have adopted a corporatized structure in which their agents are no longer the shady looking individuals whose image is etched on consumers’ minds when thinking about property agents. They have transformed into white collared professionals who are deal with buyers and sellers in a professional manner. One can visit the following link to find verified property agents: https://housing.com/in/gurgaon/agents/

The Rise of Professional Agents

Choosing a property agent earlier used to be a leap of faith. The services of an agent were mostly hired after someone with a good experience recommended one. This service gap was identified and some companies decided to capitalize on the opportunity. As the real estate sector started to become the buyer’s market, the need for ‘dependable’ agents grew.

Some big builders realized that customer service had become an imperative and started employing white collared professionals to assist buyers and sellers. These agents formed the first contingent in the service side of property business. They were professionals with customer service acumen to identify and resolve consumer concerns. They emerged in the prime markets of the country.

The likelihood of obtaining good services became higher when dealing with property agents in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore  and other such metros. The success of such professionals spawned a new service business in the country.

The Brokerage Business

Some companies have started brokerage business in India where their business model is solely dependent on providing quality property agents to buyers and sellers. These companies hire people and then train them in soft skills and customer handling techniques. They are said to be charging a joining fee from the agents and then put them on their payrolls. Whenever an agent cracks a deal, he/she has to pay 10% to 20% of the brokerage fee to the company and pockets the remaining share.

This allows job security in addition to incentives on sales conversion. Since such agents are also on the payrolls of an organization, there are checks and balances in place which prevents them from cutting their own deals.

With the increased FDI opportunities, the critical mass of affluent home buyers looking for properties in India is set to increase. This presents a unique opportunity for the aforementioned businesses to tap the property market for a sustainable revenue stream. The number of such organizations is less; but it is expected to grow in the near future.

In Conclusion

Soon enough, the image of property agents would witness a change. They would be identified either as brand ambassadors of housing firms or professional enablers assisting in home sales.