A lift truck, also known as fork lift or fork lift truck is a common sight in construction sites, manufacturing and storage warehouses. Specially designed to help deal with heavy loads, there are plenty of models to choose from, depending on the requirements. These industrial trucks are pretty handy in moving things for short distances.

There are many types of forklifts available, each catering to a specific need. For instance, electric narrow aisle forklifts were introduced which benefited warehouses in that they could now store more goods without having to provide wide aisles for movement of the forklift. Over time, many features have been added like load back rests and overhead guards to ensure the safety of the operators.


A particular forklift has a particular capacity and a specific center of gravity. The maximum weight may vary between 5 tons to 50 tons. It is important to keep in mind this capacity and not exceed it. It may not always be possible to buy every type of forklift for changing needs. Some forklifts may serve a purpose, but remain idle for a greater duration. In such cases, it would be a good idea if you could just rent out the model you require for however long you need it. In places like warehouses, where your forklift will have regular usage, you may feel the advantages of buying your forklift.

There are many lift truck dealer Atlanta who can help you find the forklift that will serve you best. These dealers will also probably carry the model you require for both hire and sale. One such firm is all lift of Georgia Inc. Founded in 1988, they have a select range of brands like Clark, Rough terrain products, etc. They also carry and repair industrial equipment like commercial bins, industrial racking products, handcarts, etc. Most lift truck dealers in and around Atlanta carry different types of forklifts as well as the more commonly bought brands. You can also find used forklifts which will cost lesser than new products. As a result, their used inventory changes regularly. Some of the usual models available with them are pneumatic forklifts, cushion forklifts, electric forklifts, stand up electric forklifts and pallet jacks. Attachments to the forklift may be replaced for added functionality.

When you contact them, you will be put in touch with a sales representative who will be able to ascertain your needs and understand the model that will help you best. The sales rep will also be aware of the models they are carrying at the moment and explain to you what you need to do. Take advantage of demo functions which will allow you to test your forklift in your site. The machines usually come with a 90 day warranty.


Forklifts are industrial heavy machinery which cannot be operated like regular vehicles. Many safety standards from ANSI, HSE and OSHA have been implemented. While buying/ renting one, ensure that these standards are up to date on your machinery. It is important for the driver to be trained in this equipment including both driving and other maintenance features.

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