Baking is one of my favorite things to do and I truly love it. This is why I invested all of my hard earned money on a cupcake business. Starting up, I bought the things needed from the oven to the tiniest bit of decorating materials. Then when everything is prepared, I decide to contact my friends to try my cupcakes. They liked it, but I needed a larger market to patronize my products. Since my business is just starting up, and days are passing by without customers, I knew I have to find good strategy on promoting my business before it crashes down to ashes.


One my friends referred me a taxi ad agency, I badly needed a way to keep my business, and so I called that number immediately. When an agent answered my call, she explained to me that a signage of my cupcake business will be placed on the top of a taxi car to promote my product. I was in doubt of what it can do at that moment but she offered me a very cheap price and so I grabbed it and paid them. I took the chance because it is totally cheaper than TV or radio ads and billboards. They asked for my logo and preferred designs. That is the part that amazes me. At first, I didn’t realize that I can play with the designs and so I made a colorful one with an attractive picture of one of my cupcakes and a good font size of my business name and contact number. Sooner than I expected, they called me and said that my advertisement is being carried by one of their taxis. It was not for long until I felt the awesome impact on my cupcakes.

A day after my advertisement hit the road, my phone rang. The lady asked for 12 dozens of my assorted cupcakes. She said that she saw my taxi ad near the church when the taxi dropped a passenger, and thought of ordering dozens for her wedding. The following day a woman from a distant area also called to reserve seven boxes. It made me realize that the taxis can reach even the most remote area to promote my business. It went wonderful from there, soon it became raining cupcake orders everyday that I had to recruit another baker and two helpers to meet all of my business’ demands. My customers range from regular housewives to executives. Truly, taxi ads helped my business to reach of all types of individuals.

I almost lost my business when I was starting a year ago. It was truly a challenge for me to get customers since there are also a lot of other cupcake bakers and my business was not yet known that time. Looking back, if I had not made the right move to follow my friend’s advice, I could have my small business died. Taxi advertising is the smartest thing I have done so far. It did not cost me much, but it did survive my small business, and now, I am very happy that I have expanded from making cupcakes to baking cakes and pastries on both my beautiful two branches. That’s all thanks to a simple taxi ad!