Facebook is a social network that needs no introduction. With over a billion active users, it is the biggest social media network with an ever growing user base. The importance of Facebook for promoting businesses is also well established and there are over 25 million business pages on Facebook currently. The reasons for wide adoption of Facebook include its vast reach of audience and the variety of tools it offers for building relationships and communicating with people who matter.

In addition to all these commonly known reasons, some additional benefits are often overlooked. The most important of these benefits is the answer it provides to the marketing dilemma of getting discovered by customers. Although Facebook is often thought of as a platform for communication, it is an excellent tool for customers to find answers to their questions.

Facebook can help you get discovered in the following ways:


Word-of-mouth has been one of the most important ways for promotion of businesses. In today’s world referrals and recommendations are not limited to one-to-one interactions and also take place online on social forums. This form of word-of-mouth can be really helpful for businesses with active fan pages and engaged customers.

How to Use Facebook to Get Your Business Discovered

Social Visibility

Every time a customer likes, commentsor posts on your page, your page becomes visible to their Facebook friends. These small customer interactions can play a huge role in spreading the word about your business through Facebook newsfeeds.

Social Search

Facebook offers a number of search features to its users which help them with their queries. Graph Search is one such feature, and works like a search engine to help you get more relevant and personalized results. Maintaining an active Facebook page with customer interactions, can help you get discovered in Graph Search and leave a meaningful impression on future customers.

Mobile Search

Facebook offers some unique search features for its mobile users which can help them discover nearby businesses in their area. For Android and iOS mobile applications it has Facebook Nearby which is a local search and discovery feature relying on users’ friend’s check-ins, recommendations and social cues. It is one of the ways your business will get discovered through Facebook.

Facebook can play a significant role in getting your business noticed, if leveraged properly. You can also Buy Facebook Fans for increasing reach of your page. Once you have fans, keeping them engaged to your page requires your complete dedication to your social media presence.