HTC is one of the finest Smartphones that are available in the market. It comes with all incorporated features that are essential for simple and easy functionality and working. The latest rumor online about HTC is that it has launched the One M8 and the buzz of its successor, i.e. the HTC One M9 are previously surfacing in different online media. All the users of the HTC are curious to know that what is the newest surrounding about this Smartphone from the Taiwanese phone main?

As the One M8 is released, the people begin hearing various leaks of all kinds of the latest spin-offs. Maybe the most thrilling of these rumors, is the One M8 Prime, a Smartphone that is said to enhance on the One M8 with stronger innards, a good display and much more alterations besides.

If it is proposed as the latest version of the One Series, then the month of August, September and October would craft any sense that the One Max was launched in October. That also obtains it on the market that is close to Christmas and sufficient after the One M8 to expectantly not hamper that Smartphones sales so much.

Its Features Imagined With Duo Camera

It is not strange for the users to see rumors and specifications about the latest flagship Smartphone launch from a company, even if the latest device has just been made accessible. Nowadays, the HTC One M9 specifications and features are imagined with a Duo Camera. Here are some other specifications as well that are given below:

  • Superb quality and great designHTC One M9
  • Display of 5.2 inches with QHD resolution
  • A powerful camera of 13 mega pixels with the ability to make a video of 4K.
  • 3Gb RAM
  • Boom Sounded Speakers
  • Battery of 3000mAh
  • Stunning screen that is very slim and thin and is about 8.3mm
  • Powerful processor and the practice supported by this phone is Snapdragon processor 810
  • Android operating system, i.e. Android 5.0 High- end link to the internet
  • Curved or rounded metallic case
  • Consists of virtual buttons only.

Release Date

This Smartphone is assumed to be launched in the year of 2015 and it is said that it would be a flagship Smartphone of the next year, i.e. 2015 and certainly seems like one. It will also contain a fingerprint scanner which would be used for security and safety purposes that is attainable off the side of this phone.

Its Look On The Whole

Its overall appearance is very identical, accomplish or complete with the rounded metal case and back, double speakers which are boom sounded and also contains a setup of duo camera, which is Ultra Pixel having dual LED flash. It is not identical enough. The display screen looks to really be edge-to-edge, having the miniscule bezels at every end. That is a modification that the user had wagered, look like to see as the One M8 still has greatly visible bezels. The bottom & top bezels have been slandered down too. 2015 is going to be very interesting with these massive smartphones like HTC One M9 and Galaxy S7.