A customer before buying a forklift should first find out the best-suited model of the forklift that would be of optimal use to him. Various aspects would influence the best-suited option of the forklift. The customer first should determine the model by analyzing various requirements and should find out the best dealer who could offer a technically sound forklift, which would not bother him at any point of given time.

Factors that determine the model:

  • The surface where the forklift would be driven
  • The average weight that should be handled with the forklift
  • The physical dimension of the load that should be handled
  • The aisle spacing and the stacking pattern of the loads
  • The number of working hours of the forklift

All the above points should be analyzed and the model of the forklift should be decided. There are various models of the forklift. The customer should choose the forklift according to the surface in which he wants to drive it. In case, the surface is smooth and plain where the load has to be handled the forklift tire should be cushion tires. In case on hot days the forklift should be driven on asphalt surfaces a different model with different tire should be chosen. There are different models of forklifts that could run on hard terrain region and hard packed dirt region.


Another important thing that should be considered before determining the model is the weight of the load that should be handled by the forklift. The model should be determined by even considering the physical dimension of the load that should be handled. For the loads that are heavy and properly shaped in square or rectangular containers a certain pattern of forklift is to be used. For the loads that are light yet big in volume should be handled by a different model. The load could be heavy, fragile and even could be oddly shaped. The forklift should be chosen keeping the dimension and the weight of the load that should be handled.

Another important aspect is the number of working hours the forklift would be used. In general, the forklifts are used 24×7 without any gap. The unit should be able to withstand such longer use. However, the unit should be inspected before the start of every shift. There could even be required that the unit might run only for seven to eight hours a day. Depending on the running hours, the model should be determined.

The stacking pattern of the load and the aisle spacing are one of the most important considerations while deciding the model of the forklift. The forklift should be able to space the loads in the required patterns. The customer should find out the model based on the stacking pattern, which he intends. With all these considerations, a model of the forklift is determined and chosen. However, a customer should consult the forklift mechanic who is well trained about his needs and his budget. A factory trained forklift mechanic could help in determining the best-suited model for the customer.

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