When it comes to being a good Catholic, many people turn to books to discover what that might look like. Others dive into catholic books in order to learn more about the Catholic religion while yet others just simply want a play by play guide to being a good Catholic. While there are many good Catholic books on the market today, there are some that are considered the cream of the crop. Here is a list of some of the more popular Catholic titles being requested at catholic book stores.

1. Why I Am a Catholic

Author Garry Wills takes a deeper dive from an unorthodox perspective into the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. This somewhat controversial title takes a look at some of the more conservative Catholic practices such as the vow of celibacy and the male priesthood.

2. The Catholic Church: A Short History

Author Hans Kung takes a short walk through the development of the Roman Catholic religion. He takes a bold approach to sensitive topics including several Vatican controversies as well as the Holocaust. He even challenges a few Catholic doctrines in this text.

3. Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism

Author Scott Hahn and his wife Kimberly offer their firsthand experiences in their journey to convert to Catholicism from evangelicalism. Their journey, while unique, takes a strong position that defends Catholic traditions and faith while challenging anti-Catholic convictions.


4. The Essential Catholic Handbook

This straightforward guide offers a summary of the basis of the Catholic religion. It offers a brief synopsis of the Catholic belief system along with a rundown of traditional Catholic practices and prayers offered by Francis Cardinal.

5. Catechism of the Catholic Church

With all of the noise out there, have you ever wondered what the U.S. Catholic Church offers in terms of what the basics of the Catholic religion is all about. This book offers a complete summary of what the Catholic faith is all about including the basic belief system, the Mass, what the teachings should be as well as what the sacraments provide. Believers will be challenged as well as affirmed in their beliefs and can find the answers they seek to many questions regarding the Catholic faith in this book.

6. Catholic Etiquette

One of the biggest questions that many Catholics have is how to act in order to convey their faith. Author Kay Lynn Isca has taken the challenge of creating a guide that offers a practical approach to appropriate Catholic behavior in both life and under specific liturgical situations such as in Mass, at a baptism, and even during Communion.

7. What Catholics Really Believe

Author Karl Keating offers a straightforward review of common misconceptions regarding the Catholic faith and provides an account of what is really going on with certain Catholic teachings.

8. Catholicism for Dummies

The For Dummy series is designed to provide a simplistic look at Catholicism that is designed to bring about a deeper understanding for those who are non-Catholics or who have fallen away from the faith. There are descriptions of the Mass, a simple explanation of the seven sacraments, a liturgical calendar as well as a rundown of the duties of the clergy. And this is just the beginning.

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