Never leave your product up to the imagination of your customers. Appeal to the natural curiosity of a potential consumer through marketing. After you have garnered their attention and had them wanting more, show them exactly what you are offering with all the compelling reasons they should want to own it. Practical use of product videos is an excellent way to boost your product image, awareness, and sales.

Wonder on Display

Everybody loves a secret, but when it is time to pull out the credit card and spend money there cannot be any mystery left. Customers are people, and people have a need to see, feel and touch something before they buy it. This fact is one of the main reasons that online shopping is not more successful than it already is. While online purchases have increased dramatically over the last ten years, there is still a large untapped market waiting to discover the advantages of online shopping. Businesses that successfully overcome the customers need to see, feel and touch the product do very well at moving their inventory. The feel and touch may be the greatest challenge, but there is good news. The number one appeal for the customer is what falls within their vision, the appeal of their eyes. When the marketing team successfully pulls in a potential customer it is a good idea to give their eyes something to see. Give them wonder and amazement.

Full Disclosure

In the circumstances where the product is unfamiliar to the customer or so technically advanced that there are features that are difficult to explain, a video is the perfect tool for a demonstration. Customers that teeter on the edge of the purchase decision can be cajoled into buy mode with the rightly marketed sales pitch that gives the customers full disclosure. When a customer decides to buy your product, they will be given the opportunity to feel and touch the product and make it their own. If you can package that fact into the sales presentation and build excitement in the customer to desire to have and to hold your product, the work is done, and the sale is made.

Picture a 360-degree view circling your product with the right lighting, the best sound quality voice announcing feature after feature of your product. When a potential customer can rewind, pause, or replay your video, and they feel they have control over their points of interest, you are meeting the need to see the product. When the need for sight is met and emphasized with an audio presentation highlighting the features your company has designed for their benefit, the product will make its way into their hands. Full disclosure of your product means showing everything it can do and the ways it will help the consumer. The customer has to visualize your product in your lives and with a well-executed and developed video you can present your product in a way that they may not have imagined.

Competitive Advantage

When you are building the best product you can make, and you want consumers to buy your product you have to ask yourself one serious question at some point. That question is: how can you make your product more attractive to customers and make them buy the product from you instead of your competitors. The sales and marketing team have to have every tool in the tool belt to move the product. Having a video that inspires the consumer with desire to own is one of the greatest tools to accomplish that goal. If your competitors have pictures and you have a video that is a clear competitive advantage. You can directly influence the image of your product through representation and even compare the benefits of your product over and above that of your competitor.

The best aspect of videos used in eCommerce is that they speak for themselves and answer questions twenty-four hours a day. You can demonstrate the product to people all over the world without saying a word if you choose, overcoming every language barrier and removing all doubt. The question is not why should you have a product video. The question is, why don’t you?

The author, Ray Donato, is a former ecommerce entrepreneur who decided to move onto freelance writing after selling off his last project. To help sell products, he highly recommends using a stable transaction platform such as Fast Spring. You can learn more about Ray on Google+.