In this technically advanced era, if you want to grow your business or in fact make its presence felt in the right sense, you need to have an online presence, first off. Now the next thing website creation demands is a good hosting server that makes it visible around the globe. This is an important decision as there are a number of choices when it comes to web hosting. However, the small business owners should go for managed hosting without fretting much and we’ll tell you why. You can get further information on managed hosting by paying a visit to Managed Hosting Reviews

What exactly is Managed Hosting?

Managed web hosting, as the name implies, is a type of hosting in which the hosting service provider administers your website and provide you with technical assistance. Now the cost varies widely depending upon the package you’re actually interested in. You can get managed hosting services for as minimal a price as $30 to hundreds of dollars. What’s the difference? Well, if you want hosting with high technical support, your package is going to be an expensive one and if you think you can manage to take the headache of monitoring a few aspects of your website on your own, you can then have a relatively cheap deal as well.

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There are two categories in managed web hosting.

1. Fully managed hosting: You don’t have to worry a bit about the monitoring and running of your website. The hosting providers’ skilled professionals will manage it on their own and will keep you updated. A fuss-free solution that saves time for the small business owners!

2. Partially Managed: In this type of hosting, you seem to be more in control of things. The hosting company provides you software and hardware updating services. However, you’re supposed to manage and monitor issues encountered by your site yourself.


  • Cost Effective: Being cost-effective, this hosting option seems to be the best and most viable for small business owners.
  • Time and Effort saving: Your website is managed by a team of web hosting professionals, without making you fret about every other issue. Their services include spam filtering, OS updates, firewall configuration, virus scanning etc. You can feel at ease, concentrating completely on how to enhance your business.
  • Managed Database: With managed hosting package, you get to enjoy the services of skilled professionals with technical expertise. Being expert in their field they design superlative databases for your website which are highly important for a dynamic website.
  • Backup and Security: Both the aspects are extremely important when it comes to manage an online website. Losing your data one odd day is the last thing you’d want, nor can you deal with security breaches. So, if these are your concerns, a good managed hosting package can very well allay your fears.

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Finding Good Hosting Service Providers

Before you choose a managed hosting provider, do analyze your website’s needs, your preference and budget. Once you’ve made up your mind, check out a few reliable hosting review sites which provide unbiased reviews. Compare and contrast their features and prices and then choose the best one.