To improve the efficiency of the organization, the efficiency of the employees has to be increased. And, this can be done with the help of the employee monitoring software, along with other disciplinary measures. Employee monitoring software such as the one available at can help the companies keep a close watch on what their employees are doing during work hours, and interfere when the work hours are used for non-official works. It provides documented evidence to take action against the employees, or in an event when the employee needs to be fired. It helps in disciplining the workforce, while also ensuring the focus of the employees stays on the work with minimal distraction.



  • Tracks the online activities of your employees.
  • Restricts them from visiting non-official sites during work hours.
  • Takes screen shots of monitor at regular intervals for better understanding of what the employees are doing.
  • In stealth mode, employees would not know their activities are being recorded and this can help the employers to know what the work culture of office is like. It can help in implementing measures to enhance overall productivity of the work place, and fire the employees who might be destroying the work culture.
  • It also helps in calculating the incentives and bonuses of honest employees.
  • The employee monitoring reports can be highly useful for human resource development.
  • Ensures that there is a strict work culture in the work place, which ensures there is no misuse of company’s resources.


Whether you are an owner of a small enterprise or the director of a huge multi national company, it is a good idea to keep a track on the online activities of your employees while they are at office. It would help you know clearly whether their focus is on work, or somewhere else, at your expense. It costs companies a lot of money when office hours are spent doing non-official works, and this should be tracked, monitored and supervised closely. And, this is where Pc monitoring software by can help tremendously. It helps the employers to know what their employees are doing in their PC in real time, and even takes the regular screen shots, so that employers can check routinely what the employees were upto during different time intervals. The employers can take necessary action based on the report availed through the PC monitoring software, which can help in increasing the performance of the company drastically.

 Author bio – Kevin Graham is a blogger and a tech consultant for a private online security company. His blogs and writings have helped many of his readers to understand the importance of online security properly.