If you decided to go with an amazing smartphone but confused in the market that which phone you should pick up, then LG G3 might be a good solution for you, but it has few things with which you might have to compromise lets find.


The quad display was first seen in the LG G3, its resolution is really massive. Moreover, the screen of LG G3 is even slightly darker. Ghosting objects reflected in the screen G3 is very weak; it shows that between the layers of the screen (specifically between the outer surface of the glass and the LCD matrix) there is no air gap (screen type OGS – One Glass Solution).

This smartphone uses a matrix of type IPS. The screen has good viewing angles without significant color shift even when large deviations from the normal view of the screen and without inverting and affecting the colors.

Good color rendition and color saturated in both screens. However, saturation in the case of LG G3 is clearly overstated. For no discernible horizontal stripes with a maximum saturation can be determined that the on-screen LG G3 saturation artificially increases (increases color contrast).

LG G3 declines significantly due to a significant increase in the black level and reduce the brightness of the image. This smartphone has not be disabled dynamically adjusted the brightness according to the nature of the displayed image. However, it seems that the brightness decreases significantly only in the derivation of the black field in full or almost full screen, therefore, likely resulting dependence of the brightness of the color (gamma curve) corresponds approximately to the gamma curve of static images. But just in case, a series of tests – Definition of contrast and response time comparison of illumination angles black – with a constant average luminance, not plain fields in full screen.

Overall, LG G3 display is really good at performance and quality imaging. To summarize, the screen has a high maximum brightness and has good anti-glare properties, so a smartphone without a problem, it will last outdoors even sunny summer day. In complete darkness, the brightness can be reduced to a comfortable level.

The advantages of the screen is responsible due to very good oleophobic coating, no flicker and the air gap in the layers of the screen, the color gamut of sRGB and good color balance. The main disadvantage is the low stability of the ink to a deviation from the perpendicular to the view plane of the screen. The presence of non-tripping dynamic adjustment of brightness according to the nature of the displayed image and an artificial increase saturation and contour definition, but the mass consumer is improving the image may even like it. Therefore, given the importance of the characteristics specifically for this class of devices screen quality can be considered high.

With its massive resolution display, the battery life of LG G3 has shortened as compare to G2, and if in the next generations like G4 and LG G5, this problem would be solved then LG might rise as the star of smartphone manufacturer in 2015.