The 8th generation Apple iOS proved to be best so far and now it is available for free download. But only iPhone after 4th generation can be updated and iPad of 2nd generation, if we discuss the changes in iOS 8, then there is number of changes on which Apple designers and programmers has worked really hard.


Camera & Photo


Briefly, in the Camera application of iOS 8 has a new shooting mode, the timer and advanced settings. Users can now shoot Time-lapse video, that is, to make time-lapse photography at a specified interval and reduce the result in the video. In iOS 8 can also be put off for a few seconds while the shutter button to make it easier to make self-portraits or group photos. In this case, the user will be available a few seconds, then to set the smartphone to run the camera and have time to get into the frame. The third new feature is the camera – exposure compensation, which was previously only available in third-party programs. To run this mode, you need to lock the focus and finger vertically selects a value on the slider exposure. By the way third parties who have received an API to access the camera of mobile devices can now use all this. For example, if you dare to add Instagram shooting Time-lapse, it will be much easier to add this feature in iOS-app than if I had to develop the technology survey from scratch.


With the app Photography linked several significant changes. Firstly, there was a search for location-based gallery, a section with your favorite photos, as well as editor of pictures with customizable lights and shadows, contrast and brightness, as well as other parameters. All of this – the first step towards the unification of the gallery of the mobile device with the application iPhoto. By the way on the Mac app will also Photos with similar functionality, though this will only happen in early 2015. During this time, Apple programmers will be able to extend the functionality to be able to completely abandon the cumbersome iPhoto.

Apple iOS 8

App Store


Virtually unchanged design application store compensates for new functionality for users to developers. First of all it is worth noting that it is now in the description of the program or the game instead of the first screenshots can be used with video demonstration of the application. What is important, the most responsible companies can be added for each country a separate localization voice.


Another important change in the store – application packages to ten pieces, which can be paid by one transaction. Surely this feature will become a favorite among mobile marketers, because will be a huge temptation to push in bundle with cool applications of some illiquid and raise its sales by an attractive price for a set.


The new changes in iOS 8 are not limited to Camera and App Store but there also 100s of changes that has appeared in Apple iOS 8 and in next update of the same OS, Apple will definitely improves the present bugs and we hope we would see iOS 9 to be fully multi-tasking, multi-window and full featured OS.