child's developmentToday, US have changed school curricula to include more subjects related to reading and math. The importance of art education is regarding as a luxury, but creative activities can actually help with children’s development. Benefits of art education include;

Motor skills

Doing creative activities is likely to have many motions such as holding brush, scribbling with crayons, etc that actually improve the motor skills in toddlers. Some researches reveal that a child around the age of should be able to draw circle and beginning to use scissors. At four, he could draw a square and start cutting straight lines using scissors. The use of scissors actually improves the dexterity that children need for writing.

Decision Making

Art education increases critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in children. They decide the colors or tools when creating some art works, and the ability will carry over into their lifetime.

Language Development

Art education in children provides them many opportunities to talk about art and thereby learn words for colors, actions and shapes. Students should be encouraged to use descriptive words to talk about their creations or ask their feelings when they see various artworks.

Visual Learning

Art education can build visual spatial skills in a child. Do you notice toddlers operating smart phones or tablets? They are learning through visuals before they can read. If you want to make a parcel delivery to USA, then courierpoint is here to help you. Just sign off your goods to us!

Cultural Awareness

Today, images in the media also represent mixed messages. For example, if a toy suggests some sexiest or racist meaning, children will partially understand the meaning from the aesthetics of the toy. Art education teaches children that the things they see around may be someone’s representation of reality.


Kids are encouraged to express and take risks when they deal with art education, which will build a sense of innovation as they grow. Art will help them encourage actions and think and action better.

Enhanced Academic Performance

Researches reveal that art can help in other achievements too. Young people who engage in the arts around 3 hours a day for 3 days are 4 times potential to improve their academic performance.

To conclude, art education plays an important role in children’s life. We should encourage art education for a bright and innovative generation that can do magic for the development of the country.