For many Americans, the ageing process can lead to diminished mental capacity. Indeed, millions of U.S. citizens of advancing years areliving with cognitive impairment of some sort. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt certain lifestyle habits to help keep the mind sharp. Various programs help, and LearningRxhas had much success with their brain-training clinics. But there are other ways to boost brainpower that can be accomplished without even leaving the home. Here are just a few of these principals.

Maintain a healthy diet

There’s no two ways about it: a person can’t lead a fundamentally healthy lifestyle without eating right. But this doesn’t merely benefit the body—eating the right foods can help the mind stay sharp as well. This is particularly the case where it concerns foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish. Salmon is a proven brain builder, and when consumed with plenty of leafy greens it is great for improving memory and overall brain function.

Exercise regularly

The other pillar of wellness, aside from diet, is exercise. Aerobic exercise, specifically, is great for improving cognitive function, provided one performs it on a regular basis. Health experts say that exercising for 30 minutes a day builds as much mind muscle as body muscle. And listening to music during a workout isn’t merely a nice diversion—it further stimulates the brain and improves cognitive function.

Brain lifting barbell. Mind power concept.

Get enough sleep

Medical experts have been stressing the importance of a full night’s sleep for some time. We hear so much about this principal because a good portion of Americans simply aren’t getting the sleep that they need. Doctors recommend a minimum of seven hours per night of snooze time, and those who adhere to this rule of thumb will notice increased alertness and mental acuity throughout the day. For those who can’t carve out 7-8 hours per night of sleep, power naps throughout the day have proven benefits, such as helping to boost memory.

Practice yoga

Those who don’t go in for meditation and spirituality needn’t be put off; the discipline of yoga offers plenty of other benefits besides clearing the mind. The concentration inherent in practicing yoga boosts brainpower and even helps to curb mental decline as the years advance. Those who don’t feel they have the time to fit in regular yoga workouts should consider performing a couple quick and easy positions before bedtime.

Play an instrument/learn a language

No surprise that embarking on a new mental venture, such as learning an instrument and/or picking up a different language, can really help boost brainpower. But the benefits go beyond mere mental exertion. Those who learn an instrument often have better motor control and visuspatial skills than those who do not. And those who are bi-lingual are at less of a risk to develop Alzheimer’s in their adult lives than those who are not.

These are just some habits anyone can adopt in order to ensure their mind stays as healthy as their body. The key here is regularity, as making an ongoing commitment to the above principals is the best way to ensure success.