Samsung is one of the leading devices among the Smartphones, the Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 was getting the big success in world markets. Samsung is launching new devices related to android in every month, the main goal of this process is, Samsung needs to take a full share of android device market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was getting big achievement, but it is not innovative, now the Samsung Company is intending to release a fresh Galaxy Tab 5, it may have seven inches, eight inches and ten inch model. Yes, but it is not smartphone, it is for the tablet geeks.

Galaxy Tab 5

Releasing Date Of Galaxy Tab 5

Samsung would have planned to launch a new Galaxy Tab 5, but releasing date of this future device would not be releasing anywhere. The people expect this Galaxy Tab 5 will be released in the year of 2015 in May month, but this is not sure, this is the assumption of Samsung fans. Every person hopes Galaxy Tab 5 could have latest and advanced hardware and features when compared to previous one. The developer can use some previous model methods in this new future device.

Galaxy Tab 4 VS Galaxy Tab 5

The Galaxy Tab 5 is looking like same as Galaxy Tab 4, the weight and size might be similar to Galaxy Tab 4, both the devices were developed through Samsung device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has a 10.1 inch display, but the Galaxy Tab 5 may have 10.5 inch display. The Galaxy Tab 4 has been having 1280×800 displays; the people will expect a fresh future generation may have 2560×1600 size display that means Galaxy Tab 5 will be having more pixel mass when compared to the Galaxy Tab 4 model. The Galaxy Tab 4 and Galaxy Tab 5 are having same home push button, but Galaxy Tab 5 can have some different activity when compared to Tab 4. The future Galaxy Tab 5 may take next stage, which means, if you want to unlock the device, you can able to do without making any password. Usually Galaxy Tab 4 has 1.2 Giga Hertz processor, and it has 8743 quadrant score, but the Galaxy Tab 5 may be having 19985 Quadrant score. The Galaxy Tab 4 would have 1.5 Giga Bytes RAM, but the Galaxy Tab 5 can be having twice amount of GB when compared to Tab 4. Usually Samsung S series have high quality of camera device; the future generation can be having 2.1 MP of front camera, but Tab 4 has only 1.3 MP of front camera.  The New Tab 5 may be offering high quality of clear picture. Each and every Samsung users will hope this new device having a variety of features when compared to previous one. The software of Galaxy Tab 5 can have some different actions and characteristics rather than Tab 4 device. Surely the Samsung Company will release new Galaxy Tab 5 with a variety of features and specification, but the people don’t know about these specifications accurately. These are the expectation of Samsung users.