Are you missing out on a valuable PR opportunity? Do you feel like you are small voice in the crowd within your industry? Perhaps gaining recognition by entering local or national business awards should be part of your marketing strategy. Too many times we may overlook the benefits your business could gain from wining an award. Entering can take up a great deal of time and effort with form filling, researching and reporting in the required format that most companies can be put off right from the start. If you have a marketing team however, perhaps you need to ensure they have the budget to invest or if you work with an external PR agency, let them do the research and support your applications as they will have experience and knowledge.

Gain from the benefits

Entering awards should be considered as part of your organisations marketing plan. Not only are they an excellent way of gaining recognition from within your industry but they are the perfect showcase opportunity for your company, for your customers and potential customers highlighting that you are at the top of your game. Think of how this increased visibility could affect your business in terms of growth and investment, awards can give you an edge over your competitors.

In any competitive economy, boosting your credibility is necessary to stay one step ahead of the game. Business awards can enhance the status of your organisation and substantiate the levels of service and the quality of its products. They stand as a testimony to all that your organisation stands for, from work ethic to customer service. Whether you win or receive a nomination the level of validation and enhanced reputation your business can earn is worth your initial investment.

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Winning an award or nomination gives you the perfect PR opportunity and excuse to talk about your business, its products and services. Helping you build your media contacts, this positive publicity can ensure journalists keep your business on their radar becoming their first point of contact as an expert within your industry. So the PR process, with a little nurturing, can continue long after ‘award fever’ has finished.

During a recession or industry slump, gaining recognition can really boost the morale of your workforce. Buoying up your workers can help you get through a downturn. However, even if business is good, winning or being nominated can create an excited buzz within your organisation which can help take it to the next level. Recognition of everyone within your company can ensure that they understand the vital role they played in the success resulting in increased loyalty.

Awards and beyond

The impact of winning an award will always be so much greater than the display of crystal glass awards in your reception area. The positive influence it can have on your employees, your customers and your business in general is invaluable and with a little time and effort, can raise the profile of your business and create a buzz within your industry. Business or industry awards should not be ignored. Regardless of the type of industry you are in, competition for new customers will always be fierce and marketing strategies need encompass all aspects of online and offline promotion, including award submissions. So don’t forget to celebrate and shout your successes from the rooftops and make the most of your organisation’s achievements!

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