Attracting customers into your store and then encouraging them to spend money is vital for the success of your business. Visual merchandising can help create interest in your products, drive traffic and ultimately boost your sales. There are many techniques that you can employ to ensure that you get this right.


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With consumers now spending more on non-essential products than at any point in the last three years it’s essential that your visual merchandising is a top priority. If you want to improve the opportunities you have to attract customers, here are some top tips on how you can create the most appealing and eye-catching displays.

Think Like the Customer
In order to create the right impression for a customer, you need to start thinking like one. Consider why they’re coming into your shop and the type of products they’re looking for. This can enable you to prioritise the main products and create sections for different items to make it easier for them to browse.

Direct the Customer
Customers generally don’t have a lot of time when they’re shopping, and they want to find what they need quickly. If a store can help them to do this, then they’re more likely to visit again. You need to include a selection of banners and posters to direct the customers and enable them to identify specific locations within the store. There are a variety of wholesale picture frames available that will also add style to your displays.

Create a Colour Splash
Creating a bold statement with colour can help to get the attention of customers. The options you use within your store can influence the choices they make when they’re shopping.You can try using a range of products in contrasting shades or highlight one bold item in a display of more neutral colours. Some online companies such as  wallspace offer wholesale photo frames in a choice of colours. This enables you to match your displays to the overall brand image you want to create.

Change It Up
It’s important that after you have created a good visual display you don’t just stick with the same one for months at a time. By changing your displays on a regular basis, you’ll be highlighting to customers that there is something new about the store. This will make them more likely to come back again. It’s especially important to do so around key retailing periods such as Christmas, Easter and the summer. At these times, visual displays should be themed around the particular items customers are looking for.

Stick to the Basics
Whenever you’re creating a new visual display, you should keep the three main rules in mind. Firstly, less is definitely more, and displays should always be uncluttered and simple. Creating a display with an odd number of items is more effective, as it makes a customer’s eyes move more. Finally, repetition creates impact, so you should use a number of identical products to have a greater effect.