Burgundy is known to be one of the best wine producing locations around the globe. Its many villages and vineyards produce some of the well known red and white (yes, white!) wines you have ever tasted.

Burgundy is the name of a region in France that produces wine; however, most people are familiar with such a name not because of geography taught in high school, but because it’s what is known as the famous white and red wine the region produces. The tradition of producing wine in this region stretches way back more than 2,000 years and nowadays Burgundy wines are known to be the finest of them all.Buy Burgundy Wines

Burgundy wines are considered the best your money can be able to buy, that is why they are one of the most expensive all over the globe.

As compared to Bordeaux French wines which are categorized by the estate in which they were made from, Burgundy wines are usually classified according to their terroir. This term can be simply known as (the essence of a place) and is referred to as the very specific area where grapes were grown.

Since this concept of terroir can sometimes be confusing and also there’re more than 500 Burgundy wine classifications, choosing a French Burgundy wine can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. On the contrary, if you have an idea of what you are looking for; then getting a good Burgundy wine bottle in your budget doesn’t have to seem difficult.

The Burgundy Terroir

Before you buy burgundy wines, it’s essential to understand the terroir concept. The idea behind this concept is that the characteristics of a region influences the products produced there. Terroir is usually used for tea, cheese, and chocolates; however this concept is mostly associated with wine. In most cases, a region’s soil and climate will affect the grape’s qualities and taste grown there.

In Burgundy, the composition of the soil can vary drastically from one area to another. Even within similar regions, the composition of the soil can vary, for instance, the bottom and top of a hill. Thus, the labeling of Burgundy wines is very specific depending on terroir locations.

Appellations of Burgundy Wines

When purchasing Burgundy wines, the very first thing you must look at is its appellation. The wines are usually categorized into tiers basing on their terroir and their quality associated with a particular terroir. There’re 6 different possible appellations that include the following:

  • AC Bourgogne: Bourgogne is usually a French name for Burgundy. All Burgundy wines get this classification. In terms of quality, they’re the least on the tier.
  • AC – Region: Also, Burgundy wines can be classified generally on the region which they are produced from. These wines have a higher quality as compared to wines with the Bourgogne appellation.
  • Grand Cru: This appellation forms the highest quality and prestigious Burgundy wines. A Burgundy Grand Cru is usually very pricey but is worth it to investors and connoisseurs.
  • Village Wines: These Burgundy wines are made from specific villages which have strict rules about how to make their wine.

Buying Burgundy Wines Online

One of the most ideal methods of buying Burgundy wines is to actually visit the French region and go for a wine tour, tasting different appellation samples and buying the ones which you like the most. However, if you are not able to make the French trip, the best way to purchase real and fine Burgundy wines is through online means.

Although most brick and mortar retail stores have stocked Burgundy wines, there’s a greater selection available online and their costs are actually lower. One of the best places to buy Burgundy wines in on eBay since it is well-known among connoisseurs and it has a wide range of premier and affordable Burgundy wines available.

When ordering Burgundy wine online, it’s extremely important to ensure that the label of the wine matches that of its vineyard and that you’re purchasing from reputable and trustworthy sellers.