onlineOnline marketing as a niche has come a long way through the past decade. Several specific skill sets have been created just to assist this genre of marketing that encompasses a multitude of media, including written audio and video. Search engine optimization trends, as always have changed with the passing year. With the advent of newer technologies such as wearable’s and augmented and virtual reality headsets, new possibilities have arrived for marketers to reach a broader spectrum of consumers.

Today, mobile advertising is generating a substantial percentage of ad revenue with the onslaught of in app advertising and mobile web advertising. Owing to faster internet, ads are no longer restricted to being pop ups of images or GIFs. Video marketing Sydney has been predicted by analysts to be the next big thing in advertising as seen at

Websites themselves need to be in line with mobile compatibility, since mobile optimized websites have a higher search ranking as compared to those that aren’t. Mobile traffic is increasing with the rise in smartphone sales and it has become a norm for users to expect a sophisticated mobile UX upon accessing the company website.

A given measure of how well is a website ranked is the speed. The faster a website loads, the better it is ranked. It takes several techniques of memory optimization to achieve such feats, and the developers that take the efforts to pull these off are rewarded accordingly. Competition in the online sector today is massive, be it ecommerce websites or social networking websites.

When a site prompts users to download media from it, it is allocating a considerable amount of bandwidth to the user. When this form of allocation is scaled up to hundreds or thousands, the slowing of the website is prominent and affects search rankings accordingly.

Retention of users when it comes to the purchase of products or services has become a major task in today’s competitive environment. In the interval when the user watches an advertisement about a product and purchases a product, several events occur online. The review website may have affiliate marketing with other websites offering the same product, advertisements may have lead the user to different products, etc. It is essential to take into consideration such distractions, and still ensure that the user is retained and re-visits the original website.

The more comfortable a customer feels with your website, the higher are chances of him re-visiting. Quality content and goods in the case of ecommerce websites and customer satisfactory products are the best ways to retain customers, apart from building reliable and functional websites.

Here is where personalization comes into the picture. Personalization is no longer limited to the customer being offered similar items that the customer has purchased in the past. Personalization, with assistance from automation is truly shaping the website bearing in mind the preferences of the customer. Say for instance, if a customer is interested in gadgets and technology, an ecommerce website will highlight offers and products that pertain to technology rather than clothing and fashion. The same can be said of websites with, say, news of multiple genres. In this case again, news related to technology will be highlighted over the rest, making the customer feel well within his zone. Such digital marketing services and more can be procured from companies such as Think Big Online to bolster a website’s online visibility.