E-mail marketing is one of the techniques to attract potential customers our products or services. It’s better than the concept of traditional mail where time of labor costs are more and mail system also makes no warranty to return on investment. E-mail marketing is one of the technical parts in SEO. Very few people are carrying out this technique for digital marketing services. People are more than an emphasis on SEO than e-mail marketing. In the e-mail web marketing masters buy a group from the list of potential e-mail clients where they can get the most out of investments. But draw back with this technique is we can’t target huge audience and the technique of SEO traffic, or social media is growing exponentially.

  • E-mail marketing is two types

Transactional email marketing

In this web masters try to improve its relations with customers, which is trust between a brand and a customer. The main purpose is to transmit information about the customers of action has been triggered. It is like the confirmation password, password reset , the confirmation bill, confirmation of an order and prescription Bill.

E-mail direct marketing

Directly email marketing is sending promotional emails to customers or list of peoples. Having regard list of e-mails from the database or by obtaining information from potential customers and send them promotional emails. It is ok if it’s worth for customers, but if you send mail to promote, then obliviously it interrupts customers. Many people have complained about this act and it’s consider as illegal if you’re sending a mail to group of mail for promotion of their product or services. It’s still an issue in professional SEO company.

Many people stopped email marketing and focusing on other SEO techniques to grab audience for their website. Content marketing is very demanding in Digital services as its grab a maximum traffic than any other technique in SEO. In content marketing, if quality of your content is good then visitors get attracted by the content and your visitors become your promoters.

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Advantage of Email marketing

  • Naturally gaining of links
  • With email marketing you can add a share button which will lead your content to be share among potential customers
  • Sending content relevant to customers query or for their benefits will return maximum ROI

Steps to be followed in email marketing

Step 1- Attract right customers

Finding out the audience which needs information about product and those query are attracting audience more.

Step 2- Deliver compiling data

Find out the complete information about your product then design your website once visitors saw this they will say this is the thing which I really want from that product or services. Deliver compiling data like if you join our email marketing subscription it’s have a great in and flow.

Include graphics tables and titles, which make people wow these guys really know about their subject.

Step 3- Offer something Awesome free

Saying visitors like if you sign up you can get latest information about the industry or information.

Step 4- Deliver non commercial messages

Once you get the information don’t send commercial messages. First gain the trust of customers by delivering valuable information what they expected from you then slowly start sending promotional links along with valuable information.