According to developers, the key to creating successful online stores is by opting for Magento. This content management system is extremely flexible and boasts of several features that allow successful running of several multifunctional web resources. In order to succeed in the domain of online shopping, choosing the proper software is not good enough and perhaps not at all sufficient. The appropriate design of the website also plays a crucial role in giving the e-commerce site a proper shape. Giving your website a proper shape is possible either by custom designing or by opting for a Magento theme. If you go for the latter option, then it is best to choose the perfect theme.


• Simple Navigation – The easiest way to increase the retention span of users in your website and to decrease the bounce rate is by having a smooth navigation. Their desire to buy something from your shopping portal will increase only after that. Interestingly, they will keep coming back to your site for more such products. If keeping the navigation simple and smooth is one of your agendas, then Magento developers should opt for templates that facilitate smooth navigation of your online shopping portal. There are several e-commerce Magento templates that allow simple navigation. Navigation most importantly gives direction to people to figure out or even search what they are looking for in that particular e-commerce website. The easier it is to look for things you want, better will be the retention power of customers towards your website.

• Responsive Design – The increasing use of Tablets and Smartphones have generated a new trend of online shopping through these gadgets instead of taking the old school route of using the desktop or even the laptop. This growing trend makes one thing pretty clear and that is consumers today are just focusing on their convenience. Hence, creating the responsive web design is the need of the hour so that customers can experience an ease while shopping online from any of the popular e-commerce sites. This is the only approach by which you can give users optimal user experience when viewing your e-commerce website through their gadgets. So pick a Magento theme that allows automatic adaptation of the web pages and displays the products in various sizes.

• Strategizing Call to Action – Online retailers have opened several options to increase their sales. One of the most commonly used strategy is to frame a catchy call to action that would tempt users to make their purchase. It is definitely important that you give customers the push or the motivation to make the purchase. The prominent call to action button is the final push that is needed in a well designed website. The Magento template that will give a lot of prominence to call to action buttons can be selected where all the key elements stand out against the background. Developers need to make sure that the buttons are eye grabbing and strikes an impression when placed in any background. Colours play an important role in ensuring that people notice the buttons and take the action immediately.

Choosing a Magento theme that blends well with your e-commerce website is extremely important.