Etiquettes are necessary in every sphere of one’s life, but when its cigar smoking then good smoking manners becomes quintessential. Acid by Drew Estate emphasise on proper etiquettes when smoking cigar so no one gets offended and the smoker enjoys it till its last puff. Before learning the etiquettes, it is important to understand the effects of smoking a cigar on one’s environment.


The smoke of cigar has a strong lingering odour, which tend to cling to hair, furniture, clothes and sometimes even on skin. A cigar enthusiast does love the smoke of it, but the same smoke may be permeating every other thing in its atmosphere, which includes the walls as well. Now if someone is to smoke within the boundaries of a room, then he must make sure that a window or door must be kept open for allowing good ventilation.  Now here are some proper manners to smoke a cigar without harming other’s composer or comfortability.

  • It is always better to have a smoke outdoors, so the house may remain free of cigar smoke’s smell. While smoking outdoors, one must smoke away from people who don’t like the odour of it. This will spare everyone, who can’t say that they don’t like the smoke a bit; but can’t say it otherwise. Since a cigar smoker never inhales the smoke and only keeps it in the mouth, others might have passive smoking and be harmed by it because it does have many carcinogens in it. These carcinogens are harmful to children and pregnant women. On the other hand, non-smokers don’t appreciate the cigar’s smoke to cling unto them under any circumstance.
  • It’s considered utter rude to smoke close to someone who is eating or enjoying a good meal. There are also some “No-Smoking” zones that are meant for both cigarette and cigar smokers. These two aspects have to be respected strongly and one must smoke in the “Smoking Zone” only.
  • Usually cigar smoking is a small, medium or big social event. Hence, it would be good if one smokes around other regular cigar smokers; in these events. In case one is accompanied by non-smokers, then their permission must be sought before smoking. They must not be surprised or upset about the cigar smoking practice of their host or guest.
  • One must always be considerate of all the ashes that would fall off from his cigar and ensure that those ashes do not dirty his surroundings. Similarly, a smoked cigar must be extinguished properly, while putting it out after smoking. It is important to comprehend that lit stubs of cigar as well as their ashes might spark fire, if not extinguished correctly.
  • Last but not the least, one must never ask someone else to share his cigar, which is actually a cheap practice to adopt. One can always offer other a fresh cigar to smoke and appreciate though.

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