To begin with let us first see if performance be an integral part of the SDLC or not; well performance can be an integral part of SDLC. Since, SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) is a conceptual model of a project or system. All the stages in a life cycle are equally important.  There are various SDLC methodologies have been developed. We need to include Performance testing in early stage of development cycle as it is quite beneficial for the organization. The main factors which are directly proportional are:

• Cost Reduction

• Improve Time

• Early Performance checks


Deployment should be done in small phases. Every phase has gone through performance checks. All the major scenarios have to be identified and tested in the beginning. At the end just need to integrate all the phases and combine the scenarios and then testing should be done on whole system. By doing this we can easily identify the problem prone areas.

There are lot of benefits as we mentioned above also that we save our expenditure by minimizing the cost. It is easy to incorporate changes at the initial time of the development phase. In a sprint wise development you will not have an end to end application. So you have to perform performance testing on a component or small portion of application by using stubs.

At present world-wide poorly performing IP applications are bleeding corporations for about 60 Billion a year, which is in either of the state is not acceptable. What we can do about such bleeding and losses governing into?

Looking for the solution, tuning it fine and fixing old IT performing applications is a science. There are two postulate underlying the principle that project are advised to follow:

Planning Performance: Success and failure of any software project rest heavily on the how planned the estimation has been done, how accurately estimation of cost has been done as well as the efforts required to deliver a quality software product.

Quantifying Performance results: It is quite a lot important for projects to invest ample amount of time and effort in putting together usable framework to quantitatively measure application performance as often as possible, and make it a mandatory part process of the release notes that accompanies every software release.

Benefits of performance added in SDLC:

1) When Software Performance testing is integral of the software development at the earliest means finding a bugs and fixing it at a very early stage and with cost effective means, saving whole lots from bleeding corporations.

2) Time saving quantify the delivery of the product, When performance is done at the earliest after the code build, a test environment can be created with enough time to deal, thereby preventing unknown risk and delays.

Software Performance Testing is performed to analyze how a system performs in terms of stability and responsiveness under a particular workload in a certain time limit.

It is a necessity for any software to undergo Performance Testing as this gives an idea that how the software will behave under workload with real users, hence affecting the brand name of the software.

One of the live example is “One of the Indian e-commerce website crashed on its grand sale day” due to excessive load on website in terms of users hitting the website. This may be due to lack of performance testing on this website or they might not be aware about how much users will hit the website.

Hence, one would prefer Performance should be an Integral part of the SDLC.

Have you ever thought if performance testing is done in early stage of development cycle, what are the benefits of it? In a project where an agile process is functional, the Performance testing can be implemented efficiently. It could be helpful for the organizations for development of high quality software in fewer spans of time. Also if the Performance testing is implemented in the early phases of development, cost can be reduced that is involved in Performance Testing in testing the application and fixing issues. The performance Testing can be done parallel to the development phases so that to ensure the performance of every phase is as per the desired level.

This can be explained as testing the software during the primary phases of software development. The basic flow is testing the software for its performance and functionality in the current sprint as Agile deals with the sprint cycles.

So in this way there is no need to wait longer for completion of software development and then to conduct performance tests. As it will be more expensive to incorporate the changes that is to be implemented after getting performance related issues in the project at the end.

So it can be said it is advantageous to do performance testing during the early stage of Development cycle to get a quality product.

Some of the benefits of this could be:

  1. Time could be saved.
  2. Money saving.
  3. Efforts for fixing the performance issue could be less as compared to fixing after completion of development cycle.

4. Performance could be evaluated early.

Performance testing is done to uncover issues for the speed, scalability and stability etc. through performance testing we can easily know how many user can use website simultaneously or what the performance of the website is. It is beneficial to use performance testing on early stage as business can avoid any critical performance issues of the project and it will reduce project/budget cost as bug fixing at later stage cost much.

Performance test is the methodology which helps us to analyze the compliance of a system under certain workloads. It includes various aspects such as Load Testing, Reliability Test, stress test, Deployment infrastructure test. It also counts us to collect the statistics like scalability, reliability and resource usage.

Encountering performance issues are tough to identify prior going live, but they cost us high when detected later which involves costly remedial work. It’s assumed that performance should be taken into consideration after the complete software development, whereas the fact is, a way away from the myth as performance evaluation can be done at various levels of the software lifecycle. It’s always efficient to uncover any performance related issues at an early stage as it may overcome various side effects like late system deployments, system rework due to fall in performance, reduce operational overhead for handling issues due to performance issues.  If you don’t opt for performance testing services, it may lead to damage to corporate image and potential