When you’re having a corporate calendar printed, it is important you spend the time considering exactly what you want on that calendar. You’ve got quite a lot to consider, including which images to use, what format of calendar you want, where your branding will be positioned and what you want on the calendar dates if anything. Remember your calendar is a powerful branding tool, so you can’t waste the opportunity to make it work well for your company. Plus, you’re paying for it to be made so you may as well make it worth your investment.

Here are 5 things you should include on your corporate calendar:

Fantastic Images

The images on your calendar need to be top class. If you’re sourcing them yourself, make sure you get a creative photographer to take them for you, or alternatively pay for unique and high quality images from a reputable company. Alternatively, choose a theme from the printing company you’re using. Allan & Bertram provide various themes for you to work with, including engineering icons, travel & culture and the natural world. When the printing company provides the images for you, they will have already mastered the depth and quality needed to make their images look top notch on calendars. Of course if they work with your images they will be able to work the same magic, it just may take a little more time on your part, so think carefully about how much time you have to spare for collaboration. Whatever theme you choose, remember that it says a lot about you as a company. It should never be boring, and should appeal to the general population unless you’re sending a small batch of individual calendars to clients you know well.

Corporate Calendar

Your Branding

Your calendar could be seen every day by an important client, not to mention all the visitors coming to and from their office on a daily basis. They may even hang your calendar in the reception of their company, or potentially at home. The point is, your calendar will not only remind your client why you value them, but it will also introduce a lot of new potential clients and customers to your brand – but only if they can see your brand clearly on the calendar. Of course you’re not going to want your brand logo to be the main event, but it does need to be clear from looking at the calendar (and every display page of the calendar) that it is from your company. The printing company you choose will be able to advise you on how best to do this.

Key Dates Relating To Your Company

Don’t forget to include key dates relating to your company in the calendar. This could be networking events, anniversaries of when you started trading, or special offer dates. It never hurts to remind your clients about your company throughout the year.

Your Company Mission Statement

Your calendar images say a lot about your company, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for words on the calendar as well. A great place to put your company mission statement is at the back of the calendar. Alternatively, you could place a small inspirational quote from your CEO or even from your staff on each month. These little individual tweaks are great for your company image and will add a really nice personal touch to the calendars, letting people know what’s at the heart of your company.

A Personalised Message Or Details

If you’re sending the calendar to a specific company or person only, then you should make the calendar personal to that company or person. Just a little ‘To all at Mr Smith’s, Thanks For Your Business This Year, From Mr Browns’. This could be included in the calendar as a constant reminder of your sentiment, or as a cover note. Alternatively you could simply personalise it to the person by placing their name on the calendar. Don’t be afraid of personalising the calendar, the details do count.

Choosing the best printing company will enable you to collaborate with corporate calendar experts and create a calendar that represents you well as a company.

Remember, whatever you choose to include on your calendar, you’re sending a company or person a free gift, which they will appreciate whatever it is, because you’ve taken the time, effort and money to send it to them.