There are so many tips and tricks that people come up with on websites or elsewhere to teach you hacking WhatsApp. However, over the months there have been a lot of misconceptions about the exact way to work it out.



Here, we are to clear out all those, and you wont have to ransack your minds anymore!

1. Hack WhatsApp without accessing the phone : Everybody has come up with so many hacks and tricks. There are so many apps and also videos that tell you ways to hack their phones without really accessing it physically. These mostly turn out to be fake sites and they will in no way help you turn up into spies. So, dont blindly follow them.

The methods and ways that you can apply are stated as below –

1. Spoof their mac address.

2. You can always go check up their database, which is to be their back up.

3. IMEI reverse lookup. Pretty much like the best.

2. Use of WhatsApp Sniffer:

Whatsapp Sniffer, the app that it is. Well, this is in order to let toy have a track of messages on WhatsApp which are received or sent via an iPhone or a Nokia working upon the same WI-FI network. Yet to be tested for the Nokia smartphones. The app is incapable of reading the messages for BlackBerry’s, since they have got an app of their own.

3. Use of a Hacking Tool :

This website with a url claims to have found a tool to hack WhatsApp. However, this is completely fake, and in no way is able to work things out the way it says it can. The tool is a waste of money, and will only make you curse the owner fo doing such a thing. A lot of complains have been heard, and so this way is not the right thing at all.

The WhatsApp Sniffer had been first up for download at google play, and was late removed for some reasons. It was an achievement in itself. The first workable hacking tool it was after all. The app worked since WhatsApp’s chats were all in in plain text and hence very easy to pull up if anyone’s on the same wi-fi network. However, ever since August 2012, there has been encryption introduced. And so, Sniffer, doesn’t work. And some people continue to post on their websites as a possible tool for hacking!

There are said to be more devolped options for the coming phones like Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Xperia Z5 and LG G5.

4. With a Spyware:

Another way for you if you want to be fooled and just loose money. There are these apps which promise to you of a lot, but in no way help that much. They are not free, and also these apps ave to be installed in the phone of the user, and end up letting you just track them via GPS. The entire deal is a total waste. So dont go for such softwares at all.

People continue to sell, what’s is now obsolete, or what is now fake. So as users, you need to be very much aware and that’s what we tend to do here.

This was all about hacking misconceptions and ways that we could enlighten you with! Happy reading! And you will surely find better ways that the above said. Don’t end up in a mess! Till then, Keep Whatsapping via the Whatsapp Status update.