Are you looking for a place where you will shop for a wide range of products ranging from eReaders, eBooks, and tablet computers to apps? Then you’re just at the right place, Kobo. Founded in December 2009, Kobo is a Canadian company which is headquartered in Toronto and sells all the above mentioned products. It has offered a can only be described as a world-class platform for readers who, a majority of them, are always on the go. True to its mission, this company has, for a long time now, continued to inspire people to read anytime regardless of where they are.

It can be said, without any fear of contradiction, that Kobo has really cut a niche in delivering nothing short of the best digital reading experience to millions of people around the world thanks to its high quality products, not forgetting its writing services. The best thing about Kobo’s products is the fact that you can actually save a big deal using the available Kobo coupons. That is one of the ways that this company has created a big network of loyal customers who keep on streaming back for more of their products.

In most cases, Kobo is described as an “open platform” because it provides people the much sought-after opportunity of reading on their own terms. The Kobo platform supports popular formats including PDF and EPUB, something which allows a reader to purchase as well as read digital content from a variety of sources.

Available devices

In 2012, Kobo introduced the Kobo Arc family of Android tablets and refreshed them in 2013. Initially, this company sold the Kobo Vox, a 7-inch Android tablet that was released in the year 2011. It is worth noting that Kobo’s devices are beautifully designed and are meant to meet any reader’s preference. The E Ink eReaders are also part of the devices that you can get from Kobo. They have five types of eReaders namely; kobo Mini, Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo, Kobo Aura and the Kobo Aura HD. And, remember you can save big when shopping for any of these devices should you get valid Kobo coupon codes.


Kobo’s apps are free and high ranking for Blackberry, Apple, Windows and Android platforms. They are designed to allow people to read their digital content anytime, anywhere as well as get access their libraries using any device that they choose to use.


With kobo, you will get access to more than 4 million eBooks, making it one of the world’s biggest eBookstores. The eBooks are available in 68 different languages. From self-published works to bestsellers, kid’s books to magazines, there is definitely something for everyone at Kobo eBookstore.

And, did you know that you can publish your work at Kobo in five simple steps? Yes, you heard it right. Kobo, through Writing Life, is helping millions of authors to reach millions of readers across the world by allowing them to publish their content as long as the own digital rights to their work.

Kobo is owned by Ratuken, a Tokyo-based eCommerce company. Don’t forget that Kobo coupons Canada allows customers to literally buy more for less!