Bin shelving comes in two forms, steel shelving units with plastic bins and metallic shelving that comes with drawers or metallic dividers. The drawer or dividers could have different either different or similar capacity according to the user preference. Picking bin garage shelving is constantly being chosen by both individuals and businesses as a destined mode of storage .It comes with numerous advantages. They include;

  • Compartmentalization

It allows customer or warehouse worker to put similar items in compartments. This is even more useful where the products involved are very small in size. This makes the storage of such items more organized and convenient.

  • Increase storage space

Picking bin units are available in heights of between 39” and 75” and widths of between 12” and 18”. Picking bins are capable of a load capacity of up to 350 lbs. per shelf. This is way more than if the products had been placed on the shelf in groups without compartments. Therefore, packing bins enable user to optimize the storage density of shelves.

  • Ensures easy access

When used in production line, picking bins ensure that you get the exact product or item that you want with ease. They have a large front that reveals its contents enabling anyone to identify the content and quickly pick for use. It eliminates the need to pull it just to get a glance of what’s inside.

The sloppy front of the bins offer a place where one can put a serial number or product name so that even  someone who does not necessarily know the part or product by just looking at it, can be able to identify it with ease.

  • Safety

The front of the bins is designed in such a manner that it opens in a sloping manner. This minimizes the chances of the person handling it to drop or spills the items or product inside the picking bin.

  • Reduces delays

Besides revealing the content in it, picking bins are easy to label so that even people who have no prior exposure to it can identify it with unmatched ease. This way, the time taken handling goods is greatly minimized hence reducing delays.

  • Reduced cost of record keeping

Picking bins allow for storage of small parts in compartments. It reveals it content by virtue of the front being halfway open. It also offers for labeling of products on the sloppy front. This makes accessing products easy and fast. This way, fewer employees are required to keep and maintain warehouse records hence making record keeping less costly.

  • Durability

Picking bins are made of virgin and heavy duty HDPE. They are also not affected by neither acids nor alkali. They are waterproof and hence do not corrode. This way, picking bins are very sturdy and sure to offer hassle free services for a long time.

  • Sense of order and organization

Picking bins ensure that items are put in compartments, and are easily accessible. They also ensure that products are properly organized on the shelves. This way, a sense of order and organization is established.