Whether you are moving for a new job, to start a university course or because you have met the love of your life and want to share their home, making the move can be both costly and stressful.

When you first had the idea to move abroad you had this vision of packing up your home into a shipping container and moving you and all your things with you – but then a couple of instant quotes later and you’re already wondering what you can fit into just two suitcases.

Moving Abroad and Taking Your iPhone

Unfortunately, most people who move abroad are unable to take all their belongings with them, finding it cheaper to purchase everything new after they have landed. However – there are some things that you can take with you, that won’t cost the earth to ship.

Things like laptop computers, tablets and phones are all relatively expensive pieces of equipment – however each is small and light enough to take in your carry on and over to your new home. Wherever you go, it should be relatively easy to replace your plugs and wires with the local versions as soon as you’re settled.

Your laptop, tablet and phone will all work over Wi-Fi, however your mobile internet, roaming and making calls or texts through your UK SIM card abroad, can cost substantially more than back home – so you will need to invest in local sim as soon as you’re settled.

Once you have purchased a new SIM card for your iPhone or iPad, you may find that it is still “locked” to the network you were on in the UK and therefore rejecting the new sim – but don’t worry, there is a quick and easy fix.

You will need to unlock your iPhone or iPad – which is easy and cheap to do, as long as you have no debts with your UK network, the contract has been paid in full and it isn’t stolen.

Simply find a website that offer iPhone and iPad unlocking, register with your IMEI number, pay the fee and wait for them to legally unlock your electronics ready for you to use. Unlocking your phone through an official service means that your phone will remain unlocked through iOS updates, unlike jail-broken phones which may become automatically relocked.

You will also never need to unlock your phone again – so if you decide your new move isn’t for you and fancy an adventure elsewhere, you can take your phone without an issue and just insert another new sim card.