Public relations, more than any time in its history, is in a state of ceaseless re-evaluation. Smart agencies don’t even call themselves PR firms any longer; they are better known as incorporations that interchange communications, are content inventors, multiplatform suppliers or production companies. Here are some of the top PR firms in NYC:

The Woods & Co

The Woods & Co has a 15 year proven track record for strategic and cost effective marketing platforms that are geared towards increasing brand awareness and distribution opportunities. This PR agency has a unique offering and is known for their innovation, imagination and relationships. Other than one-on-one outreach, they regularly host lunches and events that go a long way in showcasing a cross-section of their client base. The Woods & Co loves to come up with innovative ways of marketing as these have the ability to engage, entertain and leave consumers revelling in the experience.


SSPR is an award-winning, full service public relations company. Since its founding in 1978, it has established offices to serve clients in Chicago, Boston, Colorado Springs, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. SSPR has earned a stellar reputation for its ability to take a client’s story to the news media and obtain extensive coverage in print, online and broadcast media using cutting-edge strategies. In addition to working with clients for general public relations purposes, SSPR is also recognized for its ability to service high-tech industries and technology clients.


Affect is a public relations company in New York City, NY. Whether you’re another business or have as of now been dynamic in your industry for quite a few years, they have PR arrangements that will work for you, for example, helping you make press releases, public speeches, by-line articles and section situation, taking a shot at media relations, tending to an emergency and a ton more. Affect has gotten various awards in acknowledgment of their commitment to quality in the field of public relations, for example, the 2014 PR News Platinum Award, and the 2014 Hermes Creative Award. With their team, your business will be in great hands.

Be Social PR

Be Social PR, with workplaces in San Diego and Los Angeles, serves customers as a debut way of life communications agency. Its forte is in coming up withprudent methods that motivate buyers to unite with particular brands through the utilization of present day media. Apart from offering a full slate of public relations service, Be Social PR likewise helps customers with computerized reputation, occasion promoting, influencer relations and online networking so as to build up the customer’s image as well as develop its range.


Boostability is a public relations organization that understands the nuances of today’s computerized world. Their way to deal with PR includes consolidating conventional internet promoting procedures with computerized advertising strategies. This lets entrepreneurs attract positive regard for their organization and its items, while interfacing intently with their clients. Throughout the years, Boostability has helped incalculable organizations get their names be heard on the web, which in turn can prompt an extensive increment in deals and brand awareness in their intended interest group.