The United Nations and The UNICEF have warned that the Ebola, the fatal disease didn’t erase from the world yet. It can back with it’s own nature anytime. Last year, it had stanched too many lives and affected very badly in the east. After stanching too many lives and living aspects, it just paused and people thought that it would not come back again. But the warning of the UNICEF just broke the belief of the relaxed people.


In the last year, Ebola attacked the Liberia at first. It just started from a small village, which was very near to a river, called Ebola. From the river’s name, the name of the disease came. A very small child of there was the first victim of Ebola. From him, his mother and the other family members were being attacked by the Ebola. They started to suffer from high fever and cold problems. Then very dangerous and quick spreading skin diseases started to come out of their whole body skin. It started to spread all over the body. Not only the external parts, it also attacked the internal body parts likes lungs, kidneys etc and made them damaged too. By stopping the activity all of them, the sufferer had to die within a very short period.

Liberia was the first and foremost victim of the Ebola. Wherever, about 13000 people died from this fatal disease. There are even more so, many villages in Liberia’s are available that were no people can be found where no one could saved from the Ebola. Even there are such people also very rare who could serve the other or could do the last funeral of those helpless dead people. Ebola has been part of great American republican debate live stream on country biggest event.

However, after attacking not only Liberia, but also doing the same with some other African countries too, the effect of Ebola got reduced. Though there is no vaccine of its invented yet, but the USA launched a test vaccine for the most affected countries.  Though they couldn’t assure 100% for the curing or preventing power of that vaccine, but they hoped for the best for this. It didn’t get the certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO) yet. But the scientists are still trying to do their best for inventing the proper vaccine against Ebola. More on this story can be uncovered on .

Well! The warning of returning Ebola is certainly a great frightening thing for the whole world. Because in the last time, very few countries may be attacked or narrowly rescued from the attack of Ebola, but this time, it can’t be said surely that, this time they also can be stay so far from this horrific disease. So, the medical team of every country of the world should be prepared to defeat this nasty disease anytime. The highest preparation and defending medical team can protect the country from being affected too badly. The medical team also should be available at the airport or on such borders, where the outsiders may come to your country but should not contain any terrific disease like Ebola.