There have been various types of queries regarding rapid prototyping techniques and printing methods. Here are some of the answers to your queries.

What is 3D Printing?

Producing a 3D model out of your CAD file quickly in low cost is 3D printing. It helps you with the conceptual elevations and also saves you from unnecessary model making.

Why is 3D printing Used?

By using RD Printing, a 3D model of your design can be easily created. Without any use of tools or skills of special programming, you can create the model of your computer-aided design.

  • There are number of options available to choose for different resolutions and materials can go with your application.
  • These machines are very fast and efficient. They finish the print very quickly. They are comparatively cheaper than other machines, which prove them to be more productive and useful.
  • Your model can be rendered and colored in CAD file in two ways. There is also an option of sending an STL file with a document showing the colors that can be applied in the printing software.

What is SLS?

  • The Selective Laser Sintering produces 3D prototypes, tools, direct mold inserts and lost wax casting patterns. You can get durable prototypes from CAD model
  • 3D printing is one very easy way to generate 3D models of your computer-aided files. Just install good software and start printing.

What is the process?

It is not a rocket science, but is also not that simple. The process starts with converting a design into slim cross sections that are checked by the 3D printer software. A 3D object is hence created by sending this information to the machine. It then deposits material according to the layers.

Which File Formats work?

STL is the preferred format that is accepted, but there are some formats, which can be also accepted.

3D printing and other Prototyping Technologies

3D Printing is more cheap and fast than other SLS and SLA machines. It is also more accurate. There is no chemical used in this process that is difficult to handle or is harmful for the environment.

Can meshes be repaired Using Software?

Meshes can be repaired by checking for the faulty meshes. Sometimes it costs extra depending on the errors your mesh has. It may take time for your model to get ready for the printing.

You can check for the software’s tutorials on how to fix the mesh and get it done easily all by yourself. There is 3D printing prototyping service in China available that will help you solve your problems.

How to pay for the Software

Payment by credit/debit card is one easy and common option. There is another option where a business account can be opened for you after you process your first order.

During the process of printing, the part that is to be printed needs to be supported. Sometimes, it is supported by a powder that is generally removed later by a jet wash.