Life is almost impossible without the use of internet and Wi-Fi in the twenty first century. Where more than a million households, businesses and jobs cannot function without Wi-Fi, hardly anyone knows exactly how it functions. The following points explain the way in which Wi-Fi works:

  1. When a Wi-Fi is powered on, the lighted box, known as the adapter, transmits radio signals. These signals are powered further with the help of an antenna. The adapter is required to translate
  2. At the other end there is a wireless router that receives the radio signals and decodes them. With the help of an Ethernet connection, these signals are then translated in the form of internet.
  3. Sometimes the above two points can work in a reverse order too. If that happens then the computer signals are received by the adapter and turned to radio signals.
  4. The frequency and power of a Wi-Fi receiver can be increased to various lengths; this depends on how strong you wish for your Wi-Fi signal to be. Some can even function to two or more stories, whereas some signals are just as strong that they last within a room.

There are many new forms in which the availability of Wi-Fi have been made possible for the world. Two of the most renowned and now commonly used forms are:

  1. Wi-Fi USB sticks
  2. Portable hotspots created through phones.

How Does Wifi Work

The first one works when a portable Wi-Fi stick is inserted in a laptop or computer. The USB stick immediately forms a strong internet connection with the laptop. However, with further settings available on the computer system, a Wi-Fi connection can be established that allows more phones, tablets and other laptops to work on the same connection. Just like there are different strengths in a Wi-Fi connection that is established through an adapter, a USB stick also comes in much strength. One can choose the strength that serves the purpose the USB is required for. The difference between a Wi-Fi adapter and a USB stick is that the USB comes in limits. Once the limit of the USB is reached, it disallows the user to gain access to the internet until either the month is over or the bill is paid. For this reason, the users have to often be very careful with how they use the USB’s capacity.

The portable hotspot through phones is not as strong as the two forms of Wi-Fi mentioned above. This sort of a connection is established through the phone’s internet. This internet connection can be in MB’s, GB’s or the strongest of them all, 3 or 4G. Through the settings of the phone, the Wi-Fi on the internet is altered to behave like an adapter sending off radio signals that are received by other gadgets and decoded. The advantage of this kind of Wi-Fi connection is that the phone being used as the portable hotspot runs out of battery a lot faster. It is also very expensive.

Nonetheless, the users can now be fully aware of the ways in which the Wi-Fi connections work in their homes and offices.

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