The truth of saying is that eyebrows are the biggest thing that happens in beauty right now. Reason being flaunting your face- will result in exploring your beauty.


But even the most beautiful eyebrows need maintenance and when it comes to choosing technique—

Threading, Tweezing, or Waxing—things can get a little bit tricky and risky.

Let us discuss them in brief:


Threading creates natural finish because you’re working with individual hairs. It also allows cosmeticians to move with more speed rather than with tweezing.”And if you’re looking to add an arch then threading can be a fast way to pump up your shape.


If you’re just plucking in between and around your eyebrows, then apparently you’re allowing your hair to grow faster with imperfect result.


If you have-

Thicker, and Coarser hair that grows back quickly then for you waxing is the best option for shaping as it encourages thinner and softer re-growth.”

A Benefit to eyebrow wax is the fastest way to look well- polished, pretty and glory. But for those who find their skin a bit more sensitive, we offer other methods to eyebrow excellence as well.

Different face means different and appropriate eyebrow shapes and if the shape doesn’t suits with your personality then everything gets ruined terribly. So, be careful while choosing your brow shape.

This method:

  • Is not time-consuming
  • Successful in removing dead skin
  • Less chance of inner growth of hair
  • Make you look beautiful which is merely very important.

Some important points to follow:

  • Wash your eyebrow area with clean or lukewarm water carefully so that all makeup, oil, and dirt that could prevent the wax from adhering properly are removed.
  • Grasp the desired eyebrow shape by using a photograph in the mirror so that you have an idea what shape you want.
  • Heat the wax by following its recommended temperature for optimum results but never overheat as this can be dangerous with the eye leading to burn.
  • Comb your eyebrow carefully with a brush or toothbrush by following its natural grown shape.
  • Apply wax carefully and patiently in similar direction as hair growth just to keep the eyebrow smooth.
  • Press linen strip firmly to wax and then wait for several seconds for wax to adhere.
  • After that, remove strip quickly by pulling in opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Keep on repeating this as it is necessary to remove all hair for desired shape.
  • Use clean plucker safely to remove too-short hairs that the wax did not remove.
  • After that clean eyebrow area for removing any leftover wax that could block pores or cause ingrown hairs.

Here are few options for eyebrow waxing, you can choose accordingly:

  • Basic waxing kit which contains 330z bag of wax tablets along with 3 wooden spatulas.
  • Basic waxing kit with tin container which contains bag of wax tablets along with 3 wooden spatulas and an empty tin too.
  • Pro version of  hard wax kit which contains container which contains bag of wax tablets along with 3 wooden spatulas, an empty tin and pre/post treatments
  • Complete waxing kit along with pro warmer which contains one 33oz bag of wax tablets, wooden spatulas specifically of6inch & 4.5 inch, pre and post treatments and pro version  wax warmer.
  • Rest you can fetch online too.

So, wink your eyes with perfect eyebrow waxing kit!