High definition video and gaming system can now be set up in a box. Android TV box is the new way to explore and enjoy the virtual world in just setting in a television or a monitor. It is a small box that is connected in a TV with an internet connection. Once this box is connected in your TV,it will make your TV an Android Smart TV.


That’s right, no need to buy a whole new TV set because all you have to do is connect the HDMI or AV cables and fire up the box. Installation is a lot easier than spending $2000 on a new TV, this solution will cost you less than $100.Once connected, you’ll experience your TV in a whole new way. YouTube, Facebook, apps, games, music, movies and more will all be available for you to download without any fees.

Most of it is no more than 5 inches wide and two inches tall, while there are others that are much smaller than the usual size. Android TV Boxes uses the exact same hardware as small mini-PC Sticks do. In particular, PC sticks are cheaper and less powerful than TV Boxes.

These products can access the apps and functions found on any Android 4.0 device. That’s why they can run Android apps including web browsers and many games. As well as TV shows and movies, this device lets you play games, just like PlayStation TV and Amazon Fire TV. Naturally, you will be able to watch regular TV shows by using your usual TV’s. Most people use the device to watch YouTube videos and Netflix but other people find it useful in playing games with a number of controllers.

During CES 2015, Google revealed that the first Android TV sets will be coming out in spring 2015. So far it’s unclear if the launch will be US only. More than anything, Android Boxes only makes sense to people who have a desire to customize and tweak for the fun of it, but as said. Those people have better options in the form of cheap phones than Android PC sticks. Moreover, the use of such products may be limited unless you are willing to do some work, or purchase some keyboard or mouse.

Most Android TV Boxes often use Wi-Fi antennas. In a way to guarantee a good Wi-Fi signal throughout the house and to increase download speeds. Some other boxes will also pack a built in camera and microphone, making them ideal to video chat with. Install the Skype app and call your loved ones while sitting in your living room with the whole family. Most Android boxes also come with a handy remote controller and allow the connection of a wireless mouse and keyboard combo or even in some cases an air mouse for ultra-intuitive navigation.Once your box is set up, the only cost you should incur is your Wi-Fi cost. Everything on the internet is free.