Anyone who owns a pool will tell you that it is not easy to find an affordable pool cover. Even the NFL’s top paid athletes like Tom Brady could not believe how much it costs for a pool cover. Due to his recent Deflategate suspension many of his personal emails that are unrelated to football were made public. One of the most interesting email chains was with his manager regarding pool cover prices. It’s too bad Tom Brady was not made aware of Katchakid’s affordable pool covers because he got fairly upset!

Tom Brady actually referred to the pool industry as “idiots” for not being able to buy a pool cover to meet his specific requirements. Katachakid’s lightweight pool leaf covers are actually the only cover on the market that can be fitted to your pool’s exact dimensions, and are cheaper than other pool covers on the market, and much easier to take care of. To prepare for the new season all you have to do is just vacuum out the fine silt and your katchaleaf cover is ready for a new season. Tom also said the company he was dealing with were “morons” for not having the specific color that he wanted, and to be fair he has a very valid point! Katchaleaf offers their affordable covers in different colors unlike other companies who usually just have black or grey.

Tom Brady actually also has a family of young children, instead of looking at traditional expensive pool covers he could consider a child safe pool cover, such as the safety pool nets that Katchakid offers. These affordable customer fit nets reach over the entire pool area and actually allow your children to crawl around on it, which everyone will enjoy. They have a 100% safety record and over 350,000 parents, schools, communities and safety experts relying on these pools

It is always interesting/slightly funny seeing these very rich athletes complain about financial matters such as this. I mean honestly, a 9 grand pool cover for Tom Brady is just pocket change. But for most people that is a lot of money and it is worth researching the best pool cover to buy. If you are looking for an affordable pool cover, check out Katchakids products and prices and see if this is the right pool cover for you!