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At this stage in the game, it looks as if most of the potential playoff spots will be taken by the teams you would expect in the NFL. Some are pretty well locked in, like New England and Denver for the AFC and The Cardinals and Panthers for the NFC..

NFL Football Betting Predictions

Let’s look at what we know for certain: the New England Patriots definitely have the east cinched and dominated. The Cincinnati Bengals has done likewise in the AFC North, and the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs have earned their place at the table. What is most likely to happen—and what most experts are expecting—is that the top two seeds will be the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. It would be totally predicted if the Patriots beat Miami and the Broncos dispatched with the San Diego Chargers, leading to this scenario. In fact, anything deviating from this likelihood would be shocking for many.

This, in turn, would place the Bengals at the number 3 seed and Kansas in the number 5 wild card seat. This same logic puts Texas in the number 4 seed after a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It looks like everything is shaping up the way it is intended, but who knows? We may get a few surprises that upset this ever-so-tidy estimation.

When it comes to NFL Playoff Prediction, all of these teams have earned a spot in the playoffs. Don’t count out any under dogs like the Redskins or the Vikings. But when it comes to betting be sure to relay heavily on the experience of the quarterback. As we learned in Denver, an experienced quarterback will help a team rise from deafeat.